Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

I got spoiled this Mother's Day. 

With love and gifts and some unexpected moments.

Hottie husband spoiled me with a gift certificate to a spa. This was totally unexpected for many reasons, but he just smiled and hugged me. 

Luke loves a holiday, a tradition or a special occasion. When he woke up, he was the first to come in and give me a hug and say, "Happy Mother's Day." This little man of mine also set the table in the dining room (which we never use) and put out the wine glasses for our sparkling cider while his dad made his famous omelets. Then we sat down and had a lovely brunch with a pool view for only $18.00.

You can see the blue candle on the table that Ty gave me for Mother's Day. I have a cup of tea that Jack made for me. The tea bag was part of Jack's gift to me. Luke's gift was the plate that I ate from. He designed it at school. 

Jack did a few thing that were not for me, but were Mother's Day gifts nonetheless. At church, he pulled a wad of crumpled one dollar bills from his pocket. Vance was in his car seat sleeping between us. I watched as he placed a dollar bill in Vance's hand. Then, when the offering plate came around, he put in his money and then said to a still sleeping Vance, "Okay Vance, put your money in." and put the dollar in for his brother. 
Later, he said to me, "Mom, what was the first book you read to me?" I shook my head and said, "I don't remember honey." He then picked out a book, picked up Vance, sat on the couch with him and said, "I am going to read you your first book." And he did. 

I love it when kids make their cards at school. When they are little, the cards say the funniest things. In preschool.Luke and Jack always wrote about how they loved me because I made them food. Ty's card this year said, "I love mommy because... she wants me to clean my room and clean up my toys." The things they remember! At least I know he hears me, even though he won't do it when I tell him to. 

Look, he is actually wearing something other than a costume or a sports uniform.
Vance is just an unexpected gift all on his own. I always wanted four, but really thought I would only get three. So, I feel super blessed to have him. His gift was that he slept for 5 hours straight the night of Mother's Day. My boobs were rock hard, but at least I got some sleep.
Here he is, sleeping in my lap as I work at the computer. Sweet Boy!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Sounds like a good Mom's day. Your man did good. A new mommy needs a spa day.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. We'll do it together. I'm sure I'll still be messing with it. For me this journey will be a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great mothers day to me! Someday you will be surrounded by men, when those little guys grow up. Loving the plaid shorts! Adorable! Aww the baby sleeping on your lap, so sweet!

Lena said...

That was so sweet, how the big brother was reading a story to the baby brother... adorable.

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