Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Proud

On Sunday, we all sat in "big church" together, taking up a whole row across. We don't usually do this because the kids normally go to Sunday school. But this Sunday, all the children were performing a special Mother's Day show, except for ours. This was due to our absence at church in the weeks following the baby's birth. 

But this Sunday, we all sat together. I looked over at Jason and thought- we did this- our love together now takes up a lot of space. And I was so proud, glancing at each of the faces of my boys. 

As I watched the performance of the sweet children of our church, there were certain children that I kept watching. It was interesting because I, of course, normally watch mine. But, on this day, there were other children that I was watching. As I watched these certain children singing, I found myself thinking, "Wow, how blessed those parents are." Then I realized that they were all boys. And not only that, it was the only other family in our church who has four boys. I was suddenly completely aware of how special that is. It was strange, but in that moment I thought that if I didn't already have what they have, I would be looking at that family and thinking, "I want that!"

And I looked at the faces of my four boys surrounding us and thought, "I am so proud."


Sarah said...

What a cute that photo header! I have four boys too...and one girl thrown in there too! Here's to cake!

Sheryl said...

what beautiful boys you have!! you have good reason to be proud.

Erin said...

Interesting...I never thought of this, but you are right. Often I am taken aback by my performing daughters...the oldest two stick out like a sore thumb at their school plays. If you can imagine American Idol meets the 2nd grade, on risers with got the Famous Carey Girls! I always leave the performance thinking that my girls have just risen the bar of excellence all the while proving that we are a bit different than the rest of the families.

But those are the good moments.

I often dream of what it would be like to have a son, and you have reminded me. Be happy with what you have been blessed with. God gave me these girls for a reason and has entrusted us with their care...not only physical care but spiritual care. For that I am truly proud!

Nancy said...

Aww thats very sweet!

Liz said...

Sooo sweet! Boyz are certainly special. And to have 4 that love their mommy so very much makes it even more special. I think people want girls because they are cute to play dress up with when they are little...but I know I really look forward to having strong independent....mama's boyz!