Thursday, June 18, 2009

*Mud Day * Welcome Summer!

Toots (not as in tootsie roll, but as it toot, ewww that is smelly! Just trying to make sure you have the correct pronunciation here.) Anyway, Toots had his last day of school and it was MUD DAY, which is one of my favorite days. It is a fabulously messy preschooler's heaven way to welcome summer and say goodbye to school. The kids get to go to school in their bathing suits and there is all kinds of water play.

He got into this pool and said, "Mom, am I in the deep blue sea?"
This made his day because blue is his absolutely, positively, I will never like another color in my lifetime, favorite color.

Here, his friend is pushing him on the very well-loved tire swing. He said, "I am going like 60 on the supah dupah fast tiwe swing." Have I told you that my children have trouble with their r's? A post for another day.

And Toots would not be Toots if he did not have a ball in his hand at some point during the day.

Now, here was my favorite part.

We are going, yes we are, maybe if we duck

Keep going, keep going...

We made it! Wait, where did my friend go?... It's okay... I'm heading back

Tiptoe, tiptoe through the sprinklers.

And I'm through.

I love summer. 

I love that there is no homework, no have to do this or have to do that, no up, get ready, eat breakfast, out the door. I love just playing with the kids. We don't have many plans this summer, so I will have to be my own camp director. It should be interesting (tongue in my cheek).

Just a few more classroom party things to do until it is official- bake cookies, bake apple pies from scratch (Mister Luke actually requested this for his party) and bring all the trappings to make sundae's to Jackie Boy's party. 

Oh, and I also need to have the sun make its way out from behind all those clouds to heat my swimming pool and lose fifteen pounds so I don't tremble at the thought of putting on a bathing suit. 

Then, I will really be ready for summer!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Good times...oh to be a kid again.

Gina said...

ooooh i so miss those days at St George's. Good Times! Good Times! Dang you just made me think my kids are so big!!! They are! wah!!! :'(