Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad Words

Warning- This post may not be suitable for children. I don't think there are any children who read my blog, but I thought I would say that just in case.

Recently I have noticed my kids talking about bad words, not saying them, but referencing them as in "the s word or the p word." I know you are thinking -"what's the p word?" We'll get to that in a minute.

The older boys are ages 9 and 8 and are curious about what the words are. I keep thinking to myself I need to have a conversation with them about bad words and find out what they actually know. But, with the baby and a 4 year old around, it isn't easy to get to.

Last night at dinner, Toots, having no idea what he was doing, started pointing at things with his middle finger. Well, the boys thought this was hilarious. His very mature parents did not giggle at all though. I didn't want to tell him to stop because he had no idea that this particular finger meant something bad.

In any event, it was time to find out what these boys actually knew. So, I was able to get a few minutes with Jackie Boy (8) upstairs before the rest of the crew came up. I started asking him if he knew what the middle finger meant. He said, "All of the baddest words all together." Then I asked what other bad words he knew. He said, "Well, the three S words."

what are the three?
I don't want to say them mom?
It's okay, I just want to know what you know. You are not in trouble for knowing them.
Hmmm (with an embarrassed look) stupid, shut-up, and suck.

You can only imagine how adorable I think that this is. He does not want to say these relatively innocuous words. He didn't even mention the real S word that I actually never use, unless of course I put my hand directly on top of a bee and it buzzes loudly and stings me like I did a few days ago and in that case I yell, "shit" and then I might say it a few more times in fast succession. But, other than that, I truly do not use this word. Unless, of course, I am driving and ... I digress. The conversation continues...

Okay, what other words do you know?
I know the a word?
And what does that mean?

He points to his bottom.

I know the p word.
What is that?

He again looks nervous to say it.

What does that mean?
Any others?
Oh, and I know the F word.
What is that word?

I am thinking that he does not really know the right word at this point, but he promptly says with no hesitation.

F' d up!

You see, I can't even type the word so you really should have seen me trying to compose my face when he said this.

And where did you learn this word?
At the park, it's written on the wall mom. What does it mean?

I am now delighted at his usage of the word so that I can explain the meaning truthfully without getting into anything I do not want to talk about at this point.

It means screwed up, messed up!
But, that is a very, very bad word and I don't want you to ever say it again.
Okay, mom. Are there any other bad words that I don't know just so if I hear them, I know not to say them?
Yes, the b word.

So I tell him the word and the meaning. We also talk about how he does not want to be the kid who tells another kid about these words because then the parents of that kid will think he is a bad kid. He can talk about it with me, but must also be careful to protect his little brothers so that they don't learn these things until they are older like him.

This conversation is repeated almost verbatim with Mister Luke, except that after saying there are three s words he said-

stupid, shut-up, and the word that sounds like ship.

He spelled the f word (I knew better this time than to ask him to say it) for me which he learned also from the wall of our local park. I am going to have to go down there and paint over it!

Oh, and there is the one you say mom when you get hurt.
Which one is that?
The C word!

I am thinking at this point that I have never said the C word in my life and then he says


And I am relieved.


Foursons said...

LOL- This is a great post! I said shoot the other day, and Nolan says, "Can we say shoot?"

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hard to keep them innocent forever. But oh how I wish we could. My girls think dumb is a bad word too.

Nancy said...

oh gosh, well you know they will hear all of them one day. My kids have never said any "real" bad words, but they know that they will get grounded and punished like crazy if they say the real worst bad word...hate, as in I hate you. Each of my kids has said this to the other ONE TIME each over something ridiculous...but not ever again because I cant tolerate it and I am likely to take away computer, tv, phone, video games, any books and magazines which are remotely entertaining, the sprinkler and the slip and slide and dessert and anything else I can find if I hear that again. All others would receive stern warnings and possibly an extra chore. :-D


wow! i don't have kids yet but these are things i'll need to think about one day....found you through SITS - Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

bluecottonmemory said...

You handled these testy language issues really well. When they get older, one son tried letter replacement to slide the word in. We had to nip that in the bud. Boy peers come over, play the WII or Xbox and say "C#$@ a lot. I have to nip that in the bud, too. However, I serve that boundary with good food, so if they want to come back, they need to cut the Cr@#$ out.

The Redhead Riter said...

for you...

♥georgie♥ said...

I think you handled it very well...mine are older so i have a nother set of issues to deal with never stops...
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

Marketing Mama said...

LOL that's hilarious. :)

I'd be calling city hall about that park - let them go clean it themselves. I'd give details about what my kids were learning from it. ???!!!

Jackie at 3littleones said...

Haha - great post!!!! Found you on SITS - have a great day : )

Katie said...

My 4 year old also points with her middle finger! I don't want to correct because she won't understand. Great post; very entertaining :)