Thursday, July 30, 2009

Idle Time

During the school year, our time is so full of school, homework and sports that there is not much idle time. I sometimes feel like my kids will start to do some project of their imagination and then I have to say, "Get your (uniform, backpack, whatever) and get in the car. We gotta go. NOW. Or we are going to be late." I feel like I say this practically every day during the school year.

But, summer! Oh, summer. 

This summer we are enjoying the luxury of idle time (unscheduled time)  which is very rare. Here are just a few of our recent exploits.

My kids, led by Mister Luke, decided to be hobos one day. As you have now probably realized, they have some fascination with hobos. I have no idea where they learned the word or concept.

They packed up their bandannas with snacks, flashlights, a compass and other necessities and headed off to the mountains (our front yard) and spent a few hours being hobos. 

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Yesterday, they decided to invent their own drink concoctions in the driveway of all places! They needed a funnel. I didn't have one so...
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They created their own.

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Their mother has been making some concoctions of her own.

I have always loved to make things in the kitchen. When I was little, I would come home from school and as I waited for my mom to come home from work, I would dig into her cookbooks and decide to make things that I had never made before, scrounging around the kitchen for the ingredients. One day, my mother came home to me making home made bagels- making the dough, boiling and baking them.

This week, I decided it might be fun to make my own Almond Butter. It just has one ingredient and I had it-ALMONDS! So healthy for you too! This morning I put it on some toast with honey for the boys.

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I also decided to try to make steel cut oats in the crock pot for the first time.
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It came out pretty good, not as good as when you boil them, but I think if I play with it a bit, I could get it right. 
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The boys liked being able to put their own toppings on the oatmeal!

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And we have also had some time for reading too! I just love that Jackie Boy sits the baby down next to him like this and reads to him.
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I am hoping you are enjoying some idle time too!

If you are, what has your wild imagination come up with?


Farmgirl Paints said...

I feel that way too. The hustle and bustle of school, but our summer gets that way too sometimes.

Today is just a stay at home and do nothing day. The girls are upstairs working on crafts and I'm getting ready to paint. It's been way too long.

That oatmeal and the almond butter looked wonderful:)

Foursons said...

Looks like a great summer!

denise said...

Hobos with snacks, a compass, and flashlights! Your boys are too funny!

Anonymous said...

my older daughter likes your song...

cute hobos you have there...

Multiple personalities.. said...

Ah, yes, idle time... it's fun to have that every once in a while. Most of my idle time is spent catching up on reading. My son has been spending his inventing new games to play outside. My, how fast the summer is going!