Thursday, July 23, 2009


Toots has a new weapon in his arsenal.


It goes something like this. "Timmy wouldn't play wif me today so I am not inbiting him to my birday pawty." This cute masked man's 5th birthday is not for another few months, but oh how he is using the power of the birthday party invitation.

Every time that Mister Luke or Jackie Boy do something he doesn't like or if they won't let him use their things (ex. their new basketball shoes that are 5 sizes too big for him), he says, "Well, I am not inbiting you to my birday pawty." They laugh and say, "Toots, you have to, I am your brother. I will always be at your birthday parties."

Yesterday, he even pulled it on Mr. Baseball and I. I don't remember what it was, but we said "No" about something. His response was, "Well, I am not inbiting you to my birday pawty if you don't let me." Ummmm. Uh, huh! That will be interesting!

Then today, Mister Luke and Jackie Boy were discussing some boy that was at basketball camp with them who was pushing kids around. And Toots exclaimed (you guessed it), "Well, I am not inbiting him to my birday pawty." The boys in unison replied, "Toots,  you don't even know him." So in this case, Toots was right!

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It is the most powerful thing a four year old can say to another four year old and it makes him feel like he is strong and has some control. But, it can also be very hurtful to another little kid so we have talked about that. He learned it from someone else saying it to him. 

Now that I think about it, I would be pretty hurt if one of my friends said to me, " I am not inbiting you to my birday pawty." I might laugh at her pronunciation first, but then I would be sad.

And if you are wondering why that muscular little guy is wearing a Speedo, I do have an explanation for you. Normally, we are a surfer type board short wearing family. But, Mister Luke is playing water polo and so needs Speedo Jammers so he can be FAST. Well, this detrimentally determined dastardly darn destructo diving dog

got a hold of Mister Luke's Speedos last night and tore them to shreds. She's not called Destructo Dog for nothing. 

Anyhoo, this meant that I had to go search SportingGoodStoreLand (oh, this is the place where you drive around to many different sporting goods stores looking for the Speedo Jammers that will fit your son) to find them. Well, we finally found some for Mister Luke, but we also found these cute little blue ones for Toots at an amazing price. Did you know that they normally cost around $37.00? I bet you can't even guess how much I paid for these babies. 

Two dollars and fifty cents! Oh, the glorious feeling of getting a fantabulous deal! 

So, he is quite delighted that they make him FAST in the pool because, you know, everything around here is about competition.

So, perhaps now he will  inbite me to his birday party! 

Who knows if I will be so lucky!


New England Girl said...

He is too cute for words! And I can only imagine him storming around the house and telling people they are no longer invited. You must get quite a kick out of him! Ha. I know I did! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I could have used that comeback a time or two in my lifetime... I always think of the right thing to say AFTER. But then again, it could be God protecting me and putting a guard over my lips. Otherwise I would probably said this exact thing before.

Oh, and I have done that whole cocoa thing you suggested, and I heartily agree that it's delish! Thanks for the suggestion. We leave tomorrow, so now I'm cleaning and packing bug spray. What a fun day. :)

Lisa Anne said...

That is so cute. My son just turned 9 and he would say that to me everytime he got mad a me for something. My response was the party is at my house, how will I not be invited. I think at all ages this is used, I know 30 something olds who still say this.

3 Blessings said...

Too funny! We know all about four year old's comebacks around my house...

Cade's newest comeback when he is upset with us is, "Oh, yeah! Well, I love God more than you!" (Yes, son that really stings because we have been teaching you to love God above all things since you could talk, so that one really gets us good. Ha!)


Foursons said...

I love little kids! The things that are important in their lives are so much more fun than what is important in my life. Ya' like all those darn bills taking precedence.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Gee what could we use as adults that would be that good?? How about "I won't mention you on my blog if you won't be nice to me"...hee hee;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha! thats cute!
Wow you DID get a good deal! Just this week I purchased a speedo speed suit for each of my girls, one was 49 bucks the other was 39...then my oldest wanted "board shorts" so I threw those on there too, thinking how much can they possibly cost? Uh 30 bucks! for a skinny little pair of shorts! Of course she is stylin in them so I guess thats what we paid for. Stylin.

Lena said...

Very cute! Kids do and say the most amazing things. Thats why we have them, right?

Ms Cupcake said...
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Ms Cupcake said...

Sorry about the screw up! It's way early for me.

Cute post. Kids say the darndest things.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sandy said...

Oh yes, we like those sales. What a cutie!

Anne Ericsson said...

Destructo Dog, AKA as M.J. also ate their goggles while U were in Santa Barbara. I found them all over the yard in pieces... No wonder she didn't want to eat her food. She already had a full tummy of other things that she must find tastier:-) than boring old dog food. At least the speedos arn't he european kind. That's a blessing in my eyes. Mom