Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me Monday!

This week I did not sneak out into my front yard in the dark at 11pm on multiple occasions to water my beloved flowers with a hose. That would mean I am not a good citizen and I know that I am. I certainly did not feel like I was breaking the law or fear that the water rationing police were going to catch me. I did not picture a giant bright light being suddenly shined in my eyes and someone yelling, "You -STOP what you are doing! We are on Orange Alert!" That would mean that I was slightly paranoid and I am not. And Mister Baseball certainly did not say upon my re-entering of the house, "Out breaking the law again?" 

I did not walk up the stairs with my three sons who were not carrying various weaponry including a belt, a piece of a hot wheels track, and a large blow up bat in search of a Hobo that my oldest did not believe was upstairs. I did not for a moment believe that there was actually a Hobo in our house. I did not search in every closet and under every bed in search of the dreaded Hobo and I certainly did not scream when I opened the door to our attic as if the Hobo was standing right there. That would be mean and possibly make my children cry so, of course, I would never do that. Nope, not me!

Oh, and I did not borrow my mother's bathing suits this weekend for our trip to Santa Barbara. There is no possible way that her bathing suits who fit her double D's could possibly fit me. 
No Way, No How!

 This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


LucieP said...

hahaha!!! i won't tell anyone about your mother's bathing suits!!

I wonder if you take water from inside to your plants outside if it still counts?! just saying!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the Hobo!
Have you thought of getting some of those little glass bulb things you stick in the ground and they slowly release water? I think they are intended for houseplants but I wonder if they would work for your flowers?

Buddy and Krista said...

Okay, I know your beautiful mother and her need for large bikini tops--do not even tell me that you filled those things--I will die! But that makes me that much more excited to see you soon at your cabana by the pool...better be in one of her suits or I'm not coming!

Katie said...

I'm laughing that you snuck out to illegally water your flowers! You're better than me...I do it in broad daylight while my neighbors are at work!