Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Food Tips

When your bananas begin to look like this or worse
I repeat
Instead, peel them and put them in a ziploc bag or other container in your freezer. Make sure that you peel them first. If you don't, it is quite a chore to remove the peel. Believe me, I know!Mine is not a freezer bag although that would be preferable.

Then, when you are making a smoothie, take out your frozen bananas.
It adds that frozen texture to your smoothie along with all the other power that is packed in a banana.
Another delicious addition that Mister Luke discovered to add to your smoothie is some key lime flavored yogurt. Yummy!

Sorry for the giant blender pic. I am experimenting with pixel size.

Here is Ida's Birthday cake which was a Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla flavored cake with homemade buttercream frosting.
I added a little bit of red food coloring to give it that soft pink shade and then just cut some flowers from my yard to make it pretty.


I always make extra frosting when doing a layer cake because frosting can cover
a multitude of cake mistakes.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Great tips! That cake looked heavenly:)

denise said...

Thanks for the tip. I thought those overripe bananas were only good for banana bread.

Anonymous said...

Hey good idea! I never thought of that, but I know i have thrown away many going-bad bananas, from now I on I will put them in the freezer!
beautiful cake! My youngest daughter would be impressed, her fave show is Cake Boss.

Foursons said...

Mmmm...birthday cake. Mmmmmm.

The Redhead Riter said...

We do the EXACT same thing with our bananas!


Anne Ericsson said...

For all of you out their... Ida AKA know as MoM loooooooooooooved her Birthday Cake.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Oh my word that cake looks delish! And thanks for the tip about the bananas! Now I know what to do when they get all black and they're sitting on my counter. Awesome, thanks for sharing! :-)

Erin Dori said...

If I might make a suggestion.

Take your browning bananas and freeze them IN THEIR SKIN until you are ready to use them for baking. When thawing them out, cut off an end so later when all the way thawed you can just squeeze the banana out. It's gonna look really gross, but the boys might think it's cool because they look like giant slugs.

In my experience, for some reason, you get the most flavorful and moist banana bread EVER when you "prep" your bananas that way. I've tried freezing fairly new banana's, but it doesn't work as well unless they are starting to brown.

Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Better advice was never found...

campbell6 said...

Hey girl - hope you're having a great week. I read but seldom have time to comment. We started school and the garden is still going crazy so it's a wild time of year. Thanks for the banana tips - I just knew you were going to say to use the bananas in bread or cookies. The cake looked scrumptious. Of course you make extra frosting to cover up the mistakes. Sometimes I end up with so much frosting it's almost gross. Almost. :-) It always cracks me up to hear you say, "Mister Luke" because that's what we call our Luke. And Luke. And the Lukester. It's just a cool name. Quick note about your Montana heartbreak - we got "our move" two years ago. Once we got here and purchased the land we had dreamed about next to hubby's best childhood friend the friend was killed in an accident, hubby's new job got cut and we had to stop production on building our new house halfway through. After 8 months of unemployment God's faithfulness has been amazing, His love extravagant and His fellowship what gets us through. Hubby was asked to preach this Sunday night and he told me last night he's going to talk about joy and contentment in the middle of the storms. Made me think of you. Life sucks like a hoover because sin rules here on earth but God is so good. Thanks for your rant. It lets the rest of us know you're real, let's us know how to pray for you. It's part of the sisterhood in Christ thing. If you can't share then there's no way to fellowship in our suffering, girl. Gotta run! Have a good day and enjoy your babies. They're so cute!!! Oh - love the curls.

Becca said...

Very good post! Before this I would have thrown them out!

Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to spread the commenting lurve!

Becca @ My Perception of Life

Sandy said...

Great idea for the bananas!