Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

I really wasn't all that nutty this week, but I have a few tidbits.

So enjoy the bits of tid- whoever he is!

I did not blatantly wash my car in my driveway once again for all the world to see so that I could save the twenty dollars it costs to wash my Pig Pen. I do not continue to thoroughly break all of the rules of the water rationing orange alert. And I would never encourage Hottie Husband to wash his truck too because I would then be like Eve, enticing him into my ordinance breaking habits. Furthermore, there is no way that I told Hottie Husband that if anyone were to stop and give him a problem, he should just tell them that there were six of us living in the house and we had all chosen not to bathe for a week. I would never actually say that he should encourage the people to smell him so they would know that we are all doing our part. That would be just way too saucy and I am always timid and mild in my manner.

I certainly did not pick a booger out of Little Bears nose while nursing him and then have nowhere to put it. I did not then contemplate wiping in on my skirt or his shirt or the couch or the carpet because that would make me like one of my boys who continues to suffer from a serious booger wiping habit. I know you are wondering what I did with it. But, remember this didn't happen. I mean, who picks boogers without the ability to reach a proper Kleenex. Most assuredly not me!

And I did not continue to check my blog to see if I was any closer to one hundred followers. That number has no effect on me and I am not completely bowled over and grateful that even one of you gives a hoot about what I have to say! Actually, I am. So thanks Mamasistas! That's my new name for you.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Michelle said...

I am your HUNDRETH follower. YEA ME! I'm excited. What do I win?

Did you change your blog header? This is like the...did you get a haircut question. And then the inevitable, do you like it question.

Foursons said...

I just checked! You're at 100! Woohoo! I can't wait until I hit that number.

And I did NOT lol when I read what you told your husband to tell any passer-bys where to stick it if they question your car washing.

New England Girl said...

The water incident is too funny! You're such a rebel! :) I can't even imagine being on water rationing, it would drive me nuts! :)

The Redhead Riter said...

Were you named after the girl in the Sound of Music?

"I would then be like Eve, enticing him into my ordinance breaking habits." I was laughing my head off reading this line.

Sande said...

I so wanted to be a 100th follower but I'll do with 101.


One word for the booger issue ... diaper.

I do boys too. Six of them ... with a splattering of girls too.

Nice to meet you.