Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snickers Carmel Apple Salad

Yes, you read that right!

I am revealing the deep dark secret I have been hiding (that was for you Foursons).

It is the legendary Snickers Carmel Apple Salad.

Actually, this is my cousin's recipe and she reads this blog and I am now fearing that I have the name of the recipe wrong. It really doesn't matter because it is SOOOOO YUMMY!


8 Granny Smith Apples (cored, peeled and diced)

16 oz. of Cool Whip

5 oz. package of Vanilla JELL-O pudding

6 Snickers Bars

Thaw Cool Whip and mix with Vanilla Pudding. Take diced apples and fold into the Cool Whip mixture. Cut Snicker Bars into small pieces and stir into apple mixture. Sprinkle any left over chocolate on your cutting board onto mixture as a pretty garnish. You may also put carmel sauce on the top for added flair. Hottie Husband came up with that.

Have I ever told you that he won the cooking award in high school? At the same banquet, he also won MVP of the football team! You can imagine the razzing he got from his buddies.

And just because I am having so much fun with my camera, here are some photos.

It says Snickers on the other side.

Ummm, do you get what they mean?

I needed a little help from Hottie Husband.

It was late and I hadn't slept much.

Okay fine, I'll quit with the excuses, I just didn't get it.


So you have an idea of what size to cut the apple into.


I usually put some lemon on the apples just to keep them from getting brown. Of course, this also works on bananas and avocados.


I sliced the Snicker bars like this and then cut these pieces in half.



I wish I could give you a bite right now!


New England Girl said...

Oh. My. GOSH! That looks so darn good. I could probably eat the whole thing by myself! Even if I do want to try this recipe, I am going to refrain... it doesn't fit well with trying to get back into shape... but once I do, you can be sure I'm going to pull this recipe out! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Boy does that look good. I have Bunco Friday night, that may be just the ticket:) Thanks for sharing.

Multiple personalities.. said...

**DROOL** Wow! I never though I'd see the words Snickers and salad put together, but this looks delicious! I LOVE snickers, and now I have an excuse to eat a whole bunch, by pairing it with apples. Thanks for sharing!

3 Blessings said...

It has apples in it so it is totally healthy, right???
I can't wait to try it.

campbell6 said...

My Aunt sometimes adds a little red grape. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Foursons said...


Buddy and Krista said...

i think it's a bit rude of you to share considering we don't have cool whip in germany and now i can't make it ;). it sounds so yummy!

DM said...

I can't wait to try this! I am going to call my husband right now and have him stop at the store on the way home to pick up the ingredients. And I love that it's a "salad" which obviously means it's healthy and low-calorie.

Life is good! said...

ewwww that looks wonderful! and easy! oh and delicious! and easy! and incredible! i think i will get me on over to the grocery store and get a few ingrediants, i wonder if i can hide this under my bed, or will it go bad?

Lisa Anne said...

OMG Heaven on a plate. This looks so good and so bad for you at the same time. I can feel myself getting fatter just looking at it.

BUT I WANT SOME NOW!! Will power please kick in as I have all the ingredients at home to make this minus the snickers bar and carmel.

Angie S said...

My mouth is watering and I am seriously thinking of driving to the store...gotta have it!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

that sounds so good...so glad that I stopped by....

JennyMac said...

WOW..this looks good and I don't even like Snickers bars. LOL.

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy.....but I wont be eating it anytime soon. Before I die though, yes!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi Brigetta,
Guess what?? Out of 115 comments you are the winner. Congrats:) Email me your address and I'll mail you the ring. My email is beckystrahle@yahoo.com.

Misty said...

This looks so goooooooooooooood!
And I have been on this apple and Caramel kick lately!
I must try it sooooooooooon!
I love eating healthy SALADS!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

Kasey said...

how am i supposed to explain this to my trainer??
it looks fabulous.

Emma said...

I think I just died and went to heaven!! :)x

Joanna said...

Oh my word!! I just wiped drool off my chin AND my keyboard. Yum-O.

Marcela Beatty said...

That looks sooo good!!! Yummy!!! I will definitely keep this on hand for a special day. Thanks!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Thank you to you and your cousin...I'm going to have to make this for the hubby because he LOVES snickers and apples...so the combination of the two has got to be pretty good. I'm saving the recipe now.

shelley said...

hello bridetta,
that looks heavenly! i wish i could just try a bit, but maybe i will have to try and make some, i think my family will love it! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying "hi!" if you do get the chance to go to shane's walk tell everyone there that i say "hi!" they do wonderful work!!