Monday, September 21, 2009

The County Fair!

I can't stop thinking about the chocolate covered bacon. I didn't actually try it, but the sign caught my eye and I exclaimed loudly, "chocolate covered bacon??" and a friendly passerby had to tell me that it was so good and tasted like caramel at first and then just melted in your mouth.

But, I walked by and now I mourn that I may never actually know what it tasted like. I mean, bacon and chocolate- TOGETHER! Oh My Goodness! I also walked right past the Deep Fried Twinkies and the


and the


and the


but seriously... it's the bacon I just can't get over. I did get to enjoy the most delicious chocolate dipped ice cream bar rolled in almonds and toffee. It was one of those moments when you feel like, "Yes! I made the right choice. This IS as good as it looked and well worth the calories." Mmmmm... yes, that was good.

So while I try to get the thought of chocolate covered bacon out of my food obsessed mind I'll tell you about the lovely day I had at the fair with my boyz.

I strangely rode a ski lift in the middle of Pomona and was able to get this shot.

We watched the boys swing high in the sky

zoom zippily in water wagons

nervously wait to go on high speed spinning spirals

and slip smilingly down super stretch slides.

Hottie Huband noticed that the horses were going to be racing so we snuck up to watch and allowed the kids to see their first horse race (while they begged to go back to the rides).
It was pretty cool to be so close to the action.

The number 3 horse won.
I zoomed in and noticed that

he must have floated to the finish line because this horse's feet are
not touching the ground.

Then we headed over to see the farm animals.
The kids were able to see newborn baby lambs and witness one lamb stand up for the first time. They loved this moment. There were too many people so I could not get a picture.
Durn people!

But, another miracle was captured. The miracle of Hottie Husband actually holding the camera in his hands and pushing down the button to capture a picture of


little old me with farm animals trying to eat me.
Well, they weren't actually trying to eat me, they were trying to get the food in that cup.
But, these guys were aggressive.


They chased the boys and even jumped up on them. I had to get the baby out of there.
I was worried they nip his chubby little toes.

Aren't they looking at Toots like he might be edible?
One of these guys even ate Jackie Boy's paper cup.
I'm still wondering if that hurt coming out.

After surviving being pet by the petting zoo,
we went outside and some birds attacked
Little Bear.
See them trying to eat his cheeks.

Speaking of eating..


I felt so bad for this mama with her yunguns a clamorin and a fighting to get to her nipples. And she was a justa layin there tryin to shut out the ruckus.

I feel so bad for her that out of respect, I don't think I'll ever be needing that chocolate covered bacon.


Sande said...

Ever get nostalgic about your day, we can send over our black faced sheep.

Doesn't take much to feed her ... few rolls, hand full of flowers, tops off everything in the vege patch, orange trees... at least she's not into baby toes.

Loved seeing you in the blog. Guess that it's the mommas usually behind the camera?!

Tell hottie 'thanks for the pic'.

Helen McGinn said...

Oh gosh, I loved that pic of the fair from on high. And it is grand to see a pic of you for a change; it's always the same, isn't it, we always take the things. Looks like an amazing day and now you've got ME fascinated with bacon covered chocolate!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh looks like a fun day. I love the fair. Not so sure about the chocolate covered bacon though. That sounds gross:)

Stop by my blog Brigetta. I gave you an award.

New England Girl said...

Oh, what a fun day at the fair. :) I have yet to experience a full-blown fair this fall, but I am definitely looking forward to it. :)

Foursons said...

Our fair is this weekend and I'm starting to get excited. I'll be eating some deep fried oreos. Mmmm...

Anonymous said...

Oh I know how you feel with you being the one behind the camera! All pictures of the boys and husband and none of you. Love the pictures and looks like you all had a great time!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm pretty iffy on that chocolate covered bacon and I can't believe they make that!! Crazy.

The Redhead Riter said...

I've been to a lot of fairs and pigged out on tons of funnel cakes, but I haven't ever heard of chocolate covered bacon!

Lisa Anne said...

Wha wonderful pictures of the fair. Chocolate covered bacon, It doesn't get better than that. YUM. I want to try it. I wonder if we could make that at home.

The Redhead Riter said...

There will be something for you on my blog Wednesday, 9/23. Come over and check it out ♥

confused homemaker said...

The pictures you took are great. And my Hubby would deep fry anything & eat it. He thinks it's the best thing about fairs these days, the deep frying LOL.

Anne Ericsson said...
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Anne Ericsson said...
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Anne Ericsson said...

Well, I neeeeeeeeeed to know was it Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate??? LOL..guess I better make you some to taste.

Love all those great pictures! You are becoming a great photograper as well as a great writer and say nothing about the great mom you are! Mommy

Muthering Heights said...

Your photos are beautiful!

But really...what will they deep fry next?!?

Brian, the old man said...

Looks like you had a good time. Chocolate bacon sounds a little weird for my tastes too but thinking about it makes me want to try it. Have a great day.

Juliet Grossman said...

Not so sure about chocolate covered bacon (though I know the trendy thing is to pair chocolate with surprising ingredients, and also bacon with *everything*) but I must one day try a deep fried Snickers!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my Sits Day last week:-)

campbell6 said...

That was NOT a county fair. That looked like the State a big state. And we had the same experience with the petting zoo...we lost a few cups to a very bad mannered goat who had 3 horns. What are you gonna do? Can't wait to hear your news....