Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photoshop Actions Sets- My New Playground

I have always had an interest in photography. When having professional pictures taken of myself or my children, I must be an annoying client because I am always saying, "oooh, could we do this? or wouldn't it be cool to...?" I like the vision of what can be captured so much that I don't just relax and let them do their job.

So, over the past months, I have decided that I am going to learn how to do it myself so as to put professional photographers out of their misery when dealing with me. A student at heart, I have been doing some late night studying about light, lenses, angles, and composition. I read and read and read articles on the internet and then I play and practice and torture my children and husband. But, it is OH SO FUN!

One of the coolest things for a mother with many loud and boisterous children like me has been Photoshop. This is a tricky program when you have no idea what you are doing. But, as soon as you learn a few things, just let me tell you girlfriend, it is like a playground of pure delight.

Now, picture the coolest playground you could possibly enter. It has the most amazing slides and swings and it is colorful and artsy and innovative. That is Photoshop for me. Now picture that same playground with electricity- lights that add bling and flash to the equipment along with power that makes it spin and dance. That is Photoshop with Action Sets.

I first read about Action Sets on Pioneer Woman's website, where she offers her free PW Action Sets. Oh Ree, I just love you for these. She has my enduring adoration just for these gifts. Other sites sell action sets too. But, why buy them when you can get them for free? The idea of an action set is that it takes multiple steps of Photoshop and puts them into a set to save time- you click the button and voila- you get the desired effect. And if you mess up, she has one called, "Start All Over!" Love it.

Here is an example of the same picture of Toots
using different actions.

This is the straight out of the camera shot.
Not bad, but just look what can be done.
I just love the possibilities.

Here is the same shot with the actions- Boost and Quick Edge Burn

Here it is with Boost and Bring Out the Eyes.
Take a look at the eyes. They are a little overdone on purpose.
I wanted you to be able to see the difference.
I would tone it down to look a little more natural if I were to print it.

This one is PW Black and White

This one is called Heartland and I think it goes well with the cowboy photo.

But, this is my favorite. It is called Sunshine.
I love the softness of it and what it does with the light.

Off to discover more possibilites in my playground.


Kasey said...

good for you.
You should also try Picnik...i use it and love it.

chicamom85 said...

That is very cool. I want so much to get into photo shop. One of these days I will give it a try.


The Rambler said...

Wow...Photoshop is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Love photoshop, I would have to agree that photoshop can be overwhelming but it is a learning process, enjoy learning and may you find success in your new journey of photography.

Anonymous said...

i am having troubles with downloading the action tips any suggestions???

Kelly said...

Awesome! Love all the stuff you can do with photoshop. Your pics are amazing!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Those are fabulous Brigetta!! I think I love sunshine the best too:)

Foursons said...

That is amazing.

Transparent Mama said...

Lucky us- Pioneer Woman just put the latest version of her Action Sets in a post today. Just look under her photography section. Amie- maybe the new ones will work.

2 Toddlers and Me said...

What a great idea! I never have enough time to really sit-down and learn Photoshop, but these Action Packs make it look like a breeze. I'll be sure to check them up.

Sande said...

Just found a free downloadable called gimp which is very similar ....

... but of course useless information when you already have photo shop

Brian, the old man said...

That's great! It looks like you're having lots of fun with it and that is what it's all about. I enjoy playing with pics as well now that my son has taught me a bit and a little exploring on my own. Have a wonderful day.

Billy Coffey said...

Those are great pictures! The last one's my favorite, too.

Don't know how I managed to find my way over into your neighborhood, but I'm glad I did.

Life is good! said...

your playground looks a very fun place to play! i love the pictures and i'm not sure which is my favorite-he IS so darling!

Liz said...

Totally LOVE Photoshop! I have the Elements version that I use for scrapbooking digitally. Adore the features. Have fun!!!