Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Five Months Old

Little Bear is Five Months Old Today!
And what a joyous five months they have been.
This little guy is so sweet and joyful and fun.
He continues to light up our home
and delight his big brothers.
He loves to look at faces and thinks that everyone is talking to him.
His eyes follow me wherever I go in the house.

He lights up when he sees his daddy. That's who he is smiling at here.
His arms have become strong enough to hold himself up and his legs bear his weight easily.
Rolling over and finding his feet to suck on are his newest accomplishments.




This sweet boy's first tooth made its entrance this morning.
Thus the drool, the drool and more drool!


Buddy and Krista said...

b you are becoming quite the photographer! love the one of his eyes...and the close up shots of toots from your previous post too. exceptional!

Emma said...

Beautiful Photo's!! Arrghh.. First tooth!! I hope there wasn't too many sleepless nights over that?!
My little boy is 5months on Friday.. The time has gone so quick! :) x

Lee said...

Gorgeous pictures. What a cutie! I'm so happy for you that he's been such a great baby, what wonderful memories you will have.

Kasey said...


Brooke said...

So sweet!

Leslee said...

Awwww... What doll baby!

I really love your photos girl! The black & white is incredible as it focuses on the subject, YOUR BABY BOY!!

Thank you for sharing and happy 5 months Baby Bear :-)

Helen McGinn said...

What expression he has! Adorable. It's a day for babies today. x

Farmgirl Paints said...

He is just precious. I just want to give him kisses and squeeze him. Guess I'm needing a baby fix;)

Foursons said...

Aw, he's adorable! I love the sepia tone you used on these pictures. Great post!

New England Girl said...

So handsome! Happy 5th month to the little man. He must be so much fun. :)

Anne Ericsson said...

Oh Brigetta these Pictures are better than any photograper would take....I want to eat him up. Mom

Tracy said...

Hi B...such great pics..he's growing up sooo fast. Hard to believe he's already 5 months old! Hope you're enjoying your time with him, give him a hug for me!

April said...

First tooth at 5 months? Good boy!! It took 8 months for my boy :) That photo with Little Bear's expression "Who? ME?" Love it!! LOL

We actually live in WI. Where the weather is so unpredictable! Thankfully, we've been having som nice warm days here - but each summer is different, each day is different and each morning to afternoon can be different :) I can tell you one thing though - despite the dry cold bitterness of winter, the children just LOVe playing in snow!! I myself haven't for years, but sure did stay out there for hours when I was young! Your boys will love the snow!

Sande said...

You really should have put a caution on that post. My hormones are all in an uproar now!!!!!!!

My hubby aint going to like you ... [grins]

Hows the fire aftermath? We had a similar bushfire go past our boundary and had soot through the house for MONTHS.

Sande said...

Back again ... this time not empty handed. Come bestowing gifts ... err ... well passing forward an award at least. Come see.

Sandy said...

Love that first photo!