Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Christmas Stroll

Ever since we arrived, we have been hearing about the
Whitefish Christmas Stroll.
Are you going to the Christmas Stroll?
Be sure to go to the Christmas Stroll on the 11th.
The chestnuts are delicious at the Christmas Stroll.

So last night we headed into town for the Christmas Stroll.
We had never heard of a stroll before.
But, people had mentioned food, and floats and booths so we were expecting a parade perhaps and some booths and chestnuts.

We bundled the kids up and as we walked into town, we picked up some free
hot chocolate.


There were about three groups of dogs with dog sleds.
Here was a cute one with some sweet dogs peeking out of this truck.

The boys loved petting them.

It turns out that their floats do not actually go in a parade. They are stationary and you parade around them.
I do not know this woman, but I thought it was great that she was ice skating in a trailer meant to me a
non- moving float.

This decorated miniature horse was a hit with all the kids.

We saw Santa in the local quilt shop and on our way out, we were offered these.

No, they are not Hershey's kisses as the kids thought, but rather the chestnuts everyone had been talking about.
Here is the open fire they were roasted over...
Who knew?
Roasted over an open fire in a Weber barbecue!
I thought the chestnuts were good,
but Hottie Husband nearly gagged.

Here we are riding in a horse drawn wagon around town. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the wagon was really big and was from a local guest ranch.

Mister Luke looks too cold to smile!

These cute guys sat across from us.

It felt very much like a sweet Christmas celebration.
and cold, very cold!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Your new town is very charming!

Foursons said...

Like Crystal said, your town is CHARMING! That looks like a fun time.

Oh and thanks again for posting a photo of Hottie Husband. I hope my not so secret crush doesn't upset you. But he certainly is easy on the eyes!

Wylie said...

Well, this does look like a celebration! Awesome!

Angelica Bays, said...

Lovely! Just what you went all the way up there for!
So are you working on your own ice skating routine for next year??
Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing!

Leslee said...

So endearing! I love small town events like this! Oh, and love me some roasted chestnuts! We used to roast them once a year, at Christmas... Now, with the gas fireplace, notsomuch!

As always, thanks for sharing...

Anne Ericsson said...

Love the beanie Jack has on...One foot still in So. California. Uncle Randy will love that! Your pictures are adorable. Counting the days till I see you all. Mom

Mel Heth said...

Your new hometown seems like a truly delightful place. Straight out of a Christmas movie. Glad you are enjoying it!