Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am finished shopping and wrapping and it is all in a suitcase ready to take to California tomorrow on the plane or under my tree. Whew!!

But, this did not come easy.

In fact, I practically whined at Hottie Husband the whole way through it. You see, I am used to having a great support system around me and although HH helped by taking kids to school and picking up sometimes and having Little Bear here and there, it was still much harder than I am used to.

Last night our conversation went something like this-

HH- Noticing my body language and facial expression- What is the matter?

me- I just have so much to do this week and I need help and it is hard to take the baby everywhere.

But, I thought I have been helping you this week.

You have, BUT (prepare for my rant here) I had to get everything ready a week early and have all the presents bought and wrapped for your family and mine because the parties are right when we get there and we come back here Christmas Eve so I have to have the food for Christmas bought and the kids and your presents all wrapped and all the Santa and stocking stuff ready and I know you have been helpful. But , you are always helpful - thank you- but I need you to be my helpful husband and my mom and Grandma Betty and my sister and my friends that all are not here because I am used to having a huge support system and I don't know anyone here!!!!! I need you to be YOU, MY MOM and GRANDMA BETTY all at the same time!!!!

HH- Nods. Not a man of many words is he.

I am not sure if he now thinks I have totally lost it or if he gets it. I sort of feel a little crazy now that I have said it all out loud and then I start thinking- Has it really been that bad? Am I being dramatic? Maybe I am going to start my period. The baby really has not been that hard and I really am almost done.

Nothing like a very calm and reasonable person to make you feel really nuts!

In any case, it worked. For that sweet man of mine was just as helpful as can be today and now I can say-

I am finished!

Anybody else out there act a little nuts sometimes?????


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Me? Nuts? Sometimes?

Omit sometimes and you've got me.

Buddy and Krista said...

You are so hard on yourself, you amazing woman. you are not nuts and you did a zillion things and let us not forget that you JUST MOVED and people say that's one of the most stressful things in life to do. I get the no support system when you're so used to don't realize how much support you really had til you're somewhere new and have no one to help with the kids or with housework, etc. It's been very different for me but what's nice is that Buddy's home so then we share the load which is wonderful. i still miss my housecleaner thou and am not a fan of becoming a true german hausfrau. i need my maria! girl, you are amazing!!!!!! just reading all you had to get done ahead of time made me sweat b/c i am such a proscratinator. have fun in cali and in your new home for you :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

That's me this year too. We leave on Sunday and it's a chore getting everything ready for 2 Christmas celebrations. We do our at home tomorrow.

It is an adjustment not having that extra support. My parents used to watch the kids a lot on the weekends so we could have date nights...miss that a lot:)

Have a wonderful time in sunny California...Merry Christmas!

Life is good! said...

well if you ask me, yea i can be a little nuts. although if you ask my hubby he would dissagree, he would say full blown crazy. i prefer a little nuts! have a wonderful trip!!!!!

New England Girl said...

Eh... I suppose - just because everyone else is doing so - that I can admit to being a bit nuts sometimes. Crazy might even be a better descriptive word for it. But at least you have HH who seems to be very helpful! Mine turns on his selective hearing and doesn't get anything done! Urgh.

Leslee said...

Of course! It is our Female born right, yes??? Seriously, we tend to be so hard on oursleves and especially this time of year we feel the crunch. PLUS you just moved... I tip my hat to you, you are one a.mazing woman. Enjoy SoCal!

Foursons said...

Yes, we all go a little nuts at times. And I think what you said makes perfect sense!

Kasey said...

my middle name is nuts..

Kelly's Ideas said...

Sometimes? Seriously? All the time my friend.. I am a raving lunatic nutso lady mom wife sister daughter..

It's the time of year... January 2nd all will be

Love to you and Merry Christmas

Transparent Mama said...

Okay- glad to know I'm not alone.

Sandy said...

I don't if I'd qualify as nuts but I sure can get stressed this time of year and then I feel like I am the only one handling the holidays....oh wait, I am!

Glad it's over.