Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Mouse In The House

Last night was my first night alone in my new home. By alone, I mean my mom was not here anymore and Hottie Husband was training at the fire-fighter academy. He is working as a reserve fireman up here and hoping to get hired in the Spring. Anyway, he was gone and it wasn't good.

I had been looking forward to some alone time, just to nest and relax and get to know this home on a one on one basis. Well, that sort of happened, I guess. But, not in the way I had been dreaming of. Rather, as I got all the boys ready for bed and sat down on the couch to read Toots a book he had brought home from school, something scurried across the floor and Destructo Dog went nuts chasing it. I screamed!

This is a very bad reaction when you have a 5 year old who is scared of critters coming into his room at night. It turned out to be a little brown mouse and it went back and forth along the edge of the room with DD chasing it back and forth and me standing on the couch. The boys came downstairs and as soon as they figured out what was going on, they just had to try to catch it. So with a box and the fire poker and shovel in hand, they tried to trap it. I am sure that they were much more dangerous to us at this point than the silly mouse.

When Mister Luke was a baby, I found a large lizard in his room in the middle of the day and HH came home form work to catch it for me. So at this point I am thinking he should come home and catch this mouse for me. But, it was his first night training at the academy and I thought it would probably be a bad idea to call him about a mouse in the house.

At this point, Toots is starting to melt down, so I try to calm him by comparing this mouse to the mouse in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It sort of worked.

The little mouse finally found a hiding spot in the electric floor heater. This made the dog go crazy. She was trying to dig up the carpet to get to it. At this point, I knew we were not going to catch the mouse, so I had the very difficult task of getting these very excited mouse hunting boys calmed down enough to go to bed. Once in bed and not in an attack position, the boys decided that they had to shut their door and put t-shirts along the bottom of the door so as not to be surprised in the night by the mouse.

I then settled down for a long winters nap!


Instead I decided to have a glass of wine to help me endure the next few hours before my Knight in Shining Fire Man Uniform showed up to rescue me from the mouse. It did help, but not for long because my Knight in Shining Fire Man Uniform did not show up as expected. I thought the training ended around 9:00pm. When it reached 11:00pm. I started to worry and call his cell and text him. No answer.

We have been enjoying the police blotter in our new town. It has stories like-

An alleged case of domestic violence turned out to be two drunken buddies trying to emulate UFC fighting in their living room.

A vehicle was struck by a rock at Shady Lane.

Three or four kids, several wearing blanket capes, were rifling through cars on Stag Lane. The vehicles turned out the be their own.

So when it reached midnight and HH did not show up, I texted him this

You are about to be included in this weeks police blotter. It will read- woman calls worried about her husband who was training at the Fire Fighter facility. She called because he had not called when he was going to be home late. CALL ME NOW!!

He still didn't call. By this point, I was really about to call 911, thinking he had gone off the road or something. I didn't have any one's phone number to call, I didn't have any family or friends locally to call and suddenly this night alone was feeling very lonely.

He called back at around 12:30pm on his way home. Apparently, the training ended at 10:30, then they drove in the fire truck back to the station and refilled their tanks and he hung out with the guys talking. I did not have a happy greeting for him when he walked in the door, but I did mention the mouse he would be needing to catch.

He feels sufficiently bad about the whole incident today so I guess I'll forgive him.

If I were the type of wife who keeps track of things like this, I would say that he SOOOO owes me. But, luckily for him, I'm not-really- I'm not!!!


April said...

I hate mice! I once called my husband home to catch one. I hope you are settling in nicely. And he does so owe you!

Angelica Bays, said...

Aaahhahahaaa! Where is the 'like' button?

JANET! said...

Yeah, I want a "like" button too! :) This was great.

Foursons said...

I would have been standing on the couch screaming too. I have also called my hubby to come home from work to catch critters that have taken up residence where they don't belong. I can't stand mice!

The Fritz Facts said...

I would have been okay with the mouse, but the hubby being that late thing would have me freaked out.

Anonymous said...
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Buddy and Krista said...

We had a mouse in our house, in Hamburg...the kids were napping when I heard it and i went to go and see what the noise was i was hearing, and i saw it run into the kitchen, and then JUMP into this one area. I am very proud of myself that i didn't scream--but a mother's instinct held my breath since they were napping. but i was horrified and texted buddy immediately and he came home to deal with it--and he did quite a good job, too. btw, it wasn't a cute lil mouse, though--total RAT. long tail. a jumping rat. AWFUL!!! Did HH find it yet?

Transparent Mama said...

I deleted the comment above because it was left in Chinese and my mother translated it on her computer. It had pornographic content. YUCK- O! Stay away from my blog!

Leslee said...

Oh girl... this was a pleasure to read! I had no idea from your tweet just how bad it was!!!

Best of luck to HH at the academy! No work in SoCal??

I should hook you up with my brother-in-law who is an engineer with the train company. He frequents Whitefish from Havre. At least you would have someone that you could call!!!

Looking forward to quieter times for you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I would have been in freak out mode too. Why don't they think to call us and put us out of our grief! Men!! He better be sorry and catch that mouse asap:) Sorry you were a little scared and lonely. I remember those first fearful feelings...realizing we were alone. Bet he will call next time.