Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finding A Place

The other morning I decided it was time to get out the Christmas decorations and prepare our new home for Christmas. It was cold and snowy as I walked back and forth to the garage to get the decorations out and I found myself to be in a less than cheerful state as I started to decorate.

Actually, I was thinking - I just decorated all of this with my normal decorations, I just unpacked all this stuff and now I have to move it and find a place these things.

I was Mrs. Grumpy Pants about it.
I was annoyed that I didn't know where I should put anything.
You see, in our old house, everything had its' place...
and I didn't know what place would work for these things.
It would take time.

Then I thought- I really cannot be grumpy about putting up Christmas decorations. I mean, that is like being a scrooge - so I slowly adjusted my attitude to one of thankfulness.

I took out the Santa that loudly reads Twas the Night Before Christmas over and over again when the kids push the button

and the Little People Nativity that the boys love to play with every year


the Christmas quilt my mother made


the Santa painting given to me by my sister which I love


my favorite tin plate


these Santa boots which make me smile

and all of the pictures of the kids with Santa

and I found a new place for them, where they shine.

I thought about our family and how we all have to find our place in this new community.
Thankfully, the boys had a wonderful week at school, each feeling very welcomed and each making new friends easily. They seem to have found their place already.


And this cute husband of mine, here hanging lights in the snow, seems to have found his place too.
He has made friends at the fire department, people he genuinely likes and enjoys hanging out with.
He is doing something he loves and was obviously made for and the blessing of that is not lost on me.


But me, I feel a little like these boxes.
They are the ones that contain the things I could not quite find a place for. They have been put into the garage until after Christmas, when I will open them again and find a place for them.

I already love this beautiful town and the kind and genuine people in it. I have a sense of what it is about and it truly lives up to its nickname of The last great place.

But, I don't have a place here yet that defines me.
Nobody knows me yet and I don't think they will until after Christmas, after we get back from California.

For now, I need to get my Christmas cards and shopping done, organize more things around the house, keep up with the dishes and laundry and housework and take care of this sweet guy.


My place will come.
It just takes time.


New England Girl said...

It really does take time, but you'll adjust and find wonderful friends of your own. Soon enough you'll feel less like those boxes, and more like yourself. :) xoxo.

Lottie said...

I've heard that it takes two years to feel at home in a new town. I don't think that is how it works. I think it takes two years to give up thoughts of where we made our home before. Open your heart as you open your boxes and treasure each day. Your ornaments are precious!

Wylie said...

Blessings to you this Christmas! I love the precious pics!!!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love the photos and your sweet attitude as you get settled. Moving is difficult (after 30+ moves, I understand), however I can't wait to hear about the new friends and new experiences God places in your path.

Praying for you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Sweet decorations. You will find your place Brigetta. You are such a sweetheart and God brought you there. I have no doubt He has great plans for you in that little town:) It's very lonely at first, but you will connect and you WILL find your place too.

Foursons said...

Having lived in the same town my ENTIRE life I cannot relate to what you are going through. But I imagine it is very difficult uprooting and starting over. I look forward to hearing how you make your new house your home. (And I'm a little jealous too, I've never had such an adventure.)

3 Blessings said...

I am sure you will find your spot and it will feel like a perfect fit.

Leslee said...

Awww, hang in there Brigetta!

I can only imagine how lost you must feel. You seem to me to be a very strong woman and you will forge ahead.

Your faith as well will carry you through.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Montana! Love looking at the snow, I hope you are enjoying it, love the pictures

Texan Oma and Pappa said...

Brigetta...don't you know you will always have a place! It is in the HEART of your family where ever they may be. Know that you always have a place of belonging in the faces and hearts of your children. It is also in the hearts of your extended family who loves you so. Remember the love you felt when your Mom, Dad and in laws all pitched in to help you with the move, as well as your many friends. Remember the blessings the Lord has given you and the wonderful spirit in which you post on your blog. ...and you will know you belong!
Love you Auntie Christina

Love and Maple Syrup said...

Your place is right where you are... But I know how it is to adjust. It all looks so dreamy in your pictures... the snow and lights. How fun! Tuck those boxes out of sight, and forget about them right now. Enjoy your family and settling in. Enjoy Christmas!

Anne Ericsson said...

YOU are the PRECIOUS JEWEL in the box of life and FAMILY that you just unpacked... Without you the rest of your family would not feel safe and happy!
See you soon.

Life is good! said...

i believe you will fit in quite quickly in your new community. but for now i think holding that darling baby will be a great place to be!