Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is so much fun!
I am loving all of the well-wishes and love I am getting from you guys.
Thank you, Danka, Tak Sa Mycket (Swedish), and Muchas Gracias!
I am delighting in all of your comments and the Mamasistas I have following along.
You are making this a very cool Blogiversary Party for me!

So, do you remember when I was feeling like nobody knew me here and when I felt very much like I didn't have a place?

I wanted to let you know that things are getting better.

We spend our weekends up at the ski resort. Hottie Husband and I take turns skiing with the boyz while the other one of us hangs out with Little Bear in the Lodge on these huge leather brown comfy couches by a giant fireplace.

Those couches are a fun gathering place and we often end up meeting and having some interesting conversations with people. The only problem is that a lot of the people are here on vacation from Canada, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Colorado. While interesting and fun, talking to vacationers doesn't help me develop a social life in this town.

Now, I HAVE met people in this town- at the kids schools or at the gym or at the resort, but they are all individuals scattered here and there. Not the interconnectedness I was used to in our home town in California.

But, this weekend things started to come together.
It is silly really what made me feel suddenly a part of this town.

I walked into the ski lodge and saw Katie, who is the wife of a fellow-fireman of HH's. I like Katie. She and I could be friends. You know how you just know that sometimes. 
Before, I could say hi to Katie, this girl Dina came up to me. Well, I met Dina on the brown couches the weekend before. She had played with Little Bear and I found out she was a preschool teacher in town. So, Dina says to me-

Oh my goodness, the funniest thing just happened. I was sitting with my friend just over there and I pointed you out and said, that girl has the cutest baby you have ever seen. Well, she looked over at you and said.'That's Brigetta! I just did her hair.' Isn't that funny she just did your hair. Lacey does the best hair. How did  you find her?

Dina and I chatted about hair and Lacey and Lacey's aunt who is the town gossip and then after we said goodbye, Katie came up to me and said-

How do you know Dina?

I explained and she replied-

She is my daughter's preschool teacher and I know Lacey too. Her daughter goes to school with my daughter, etc, etc.

For some silly reason, the fact that there were three people in this town who I have met under different circumstances who turned out to know each other and know me somehow made me feel connected.

I think because I had become a part of the interconnectedness of this town.

What makes you feel connected?


Katrina said...

Within the past few months, the mom's group I joined. Now, I'm constantly seeing familiar friendly faces all over town. I love it!

campbell6 said...

Hey there Blonde Bombshell - just checked out the post with all the random pics of you and the boys - and YOUR HAIR - Carrie Underwood eat your heart out.

Back to this post.....I'm glad you're making friends. We've moved a ridiculous amount of times and it is harder when you come from a place where you know EVERYBODY and everybody knows YOU. It takes a little time but it sounds like you're getting it done.

Now, I think WE should be one of the out of state families that you hang with in your lodge. :-) I need to talk to my own hottie husband bout such an adventure. He loves Montana - used to wheat harvest there every summer of his childhood. Great memories. We might be building a pipeline out there this summer. Never know where we'll end up for the summer.

Finally - call me a country girl - but what's Sephora?! I'm going off of post context that it must be make - up. Interesting and very generous of you. That's sweet. I'm impressed with how much you keep your blog up. I'm working to keep my chin up! Hope the Insecurity book is not kicking your rear to's definitely a page turner.

I'll finish with my random thought for the day...I just realized what's so familiar about your blog. It's the exact butter yellow of my huge farmhouse kitchen. And I made a chocolate and coffee cake with three sticks of butter in it last night. Yes, that is 1 and 1/2 cups of butter. And butter is exactly the same color of your blog and my kitchen. And it was the name of my paint color. I'm stopping now. Enough with the randomness. Is this what little boys do to your brain?

The Insatiable Host said...

hey brigitta, well first off, I think its the hair personally...i mean you may as well just be carrie underwood?! Right?

anyhow, staying connected is something that is really different for me...I too lack in the lady friend department but by choice...not that i am a snob or anything but I dont have time to listen to other women bitch and complain about things that are mundane to me. i love how you said "like how you just know sometimes"'s true as that is really the only instict that i get for a true, please dont take me wrong, I still talk to everyone, and give everyone a chance (because everyone is totally dying to be my friend- um, nope) but for me to really get connected, is to have that feeling like, ya, I get her, she gets me...wouldn't it be so much easier if we could read people's biographies (self written) to get to know them... a brief synopsis of who they think they are..then we could judge/be friends etc??? oh to dare to dream

is that wrong?

have a great day


Foursons said...

Yea!!! Very cool.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

That is very cool! I remember getting that feeling after we moved to our current town and meeting a few people here and there. I thought I had to have kids to find friends, because everyone in my town had kids involoved in all the activities, etc. But, I am meeting people anyway, and I know it will get easier when we do have our own little munchkin! :)

Heidi Walker said...

Living in a rural area is hard on a social life. It is great you are making friends. I grew up on a farm in Kansas. The bonds you make with country folk are nothing like in and out drive thru relationships one develops in the city.

I think soon you will find the river of your friendship will run quite deep with these new friends.

Have a blessed week.

April said...

That is a crazy coincidence!

We moved to an itty bitty town for my husbands job two years ago. He is in law enforcement, and while I have met a few of the wives I was craving more. So last Saturday all the wives got together and I feel like I finally have those connections I have been longing for.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I am glad to have met you at the is a very family friendly place. I am amazed at all the families there skiing. If I lived closer my kids would want to be there 24/7.
I am a transplant...been here 22 years...when I had just 2 children, now they are grown with families of their own. Time does really fly by.
I'm glad that you have some new connections with people. I know what it is like to miss family.
I always tell people to come here for vacations...we hardly have humidity!
Happy Blog Anniversary!
Mommy 2

MamaMonki said...

So glad you're starting to feel connected. Sometimes it's really hard to find that link you're looking for. Lately, I'd been feeling kind of blah about my lack of relationships... then I started talking to a girl at church who's friends with a girl I work with.... and now things are getting better.

Cindy said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I love your revelation. You are becoming one of the threads in the fabric of your community. You're right, you're all getting woven together!

I had similar feelings awhile after we moved here. (I'm a native Californian, but moved to Atlanta at age 28.) My focus upon moving here was getting my daughter (who was nearly 3 at the time) involved in a playgroup, etc...and finding a church. Those things were fairly easy for me.

A few months after those things were in place, suddenly I started noticing that I couldn't go to the store, post office, bank, etc. without seeing someone I knew. It was a good feeling!

Feels like home.

rntina said...

I moved away from my hometown long ago. I have lived in the same town for over 17 years now, it is a big town and I have owned 4 homes in the same town all in very different areas of the town. I have tried to get involved in many different activities with the kids, church and volunteering at the kids' schools. It is definately a work in constant progress making those connections. Now that my kids are older, and we again moved, it is much harder to find my place, but at least I know I have a place with my family.