Monday, March 15, 2010

I Want a Locker Room

When I was growing up,
and when I was a teenager,
and when I was in college, 
and when I first got married,
I would dream
dream house.

It always included a large soaking tub,
a library with a ladder that slid along a rail so you could climb to reach for the book you were looking for,
a gourmet kitchen with a big open area for people to gather,
a dining room with a fireplace,
a porch,
a basement game room,
a pool,
a big grassy area
vases filled with
fresh cut flowers

But, if I had my choice of all the things I dreamed about,
I would now say -
no, we don't need a library, a dining room and I don't even really have to have that tub as much as I would love it. 
No, please

I just want a place for all the coats, and boots, and shoes and ski equipment and baseball equipment, and workout bags, and football gear and a place for the dust and mud to settle before it enters the rest of the house.

I want it to be huge.
I want six lockers just for skis and boots and poles and gear.
I want four more lockers for backpacks and jackets and shoes and caps for the boys.
I want two more for HH for workout gear and bicycle gear.
I want one for my for diaper bags and purses and jackets and hats.
And then I want four more lockers just for all the baseball equipment or whatever sport is going on at that time. 
And I want lots of room for all of our shoes.
Oh, and Destructo Dog needs her own locker too for leashes and such.

While I'm at it, I think each person should also have a basket that all the paperwork they bring home should go into for sorting. 

It doesn't even have to be this pretty.
Although knowing HH, I am sure what he built would be even better.
I just want it to be big and to get all this gear out of my house!

What kind of room do you dream of?

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April said...

My dreams usually revolve around the kitchen. I want a huge kitchen where I actually have room to work, but also enough space that the kids can be in with me. Tons of cabinets, marble counter tops an island and multiple ovens. Although your idea for a locker room might serve us well too.

Kendra said...

I dream of a craft room/library, somewhere where all the books that now live in boxes could actually breathe, and where I could contain all of my various crafty hobbies in one cutesy space. I'd also love to have a pantry, you know the big walk in kind? Yeah.

Foursons said...

Ooooo, that room looks fabulous!

I used to dream of a scrapbook room. Now I just want a room that is clean 24/7.

Farmgirl Paints said...

That's an awesome dream room and I totally get why you NEED it. Tell your honey to get on that!!

I would love a sunroom...with big comfy couches and beautiful surroundings. So I could just tuck in and read and bask in the SUN.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i absolutely love the idea of a locker room. right now i'm wishing we had a playroom - a way to keep the mess of toys contained!

Buddy and Krista said...

a room of my own--for my God-time. a room that never gets messy and has not a hint of kids' toys. a room in the house that i'm dreaming of where i can go at least once a day to escape and be with Jesus. I would love for this room to look off to the countryside of hamburg...and i would want to sit in the same spot of a comfy couch or chair each time. light and bright and airy would be wonderful--and in the summertime to have windows open to let in a breeze would be fun too. and it would contain maybe on a bookshelf all of my journals and various bibles and concordances and dictionaries. and one day when you come to visit, i would allow you into my special room and we would eat german cake and talk deep and laugh lots. just dreamin :)

mindyluwho said...

I want the library. I'm still in Sunny California where we don't have all that gear, but books are scattered throughout my house and are desperately in need of a home!

campbell6 said...

Yeah, baby. To everything you said. All of it. Maybe bigger. And a fridge right there with snack stuff and drinks so they can run into the locker room, with the easy - clean surface flooring, get their snack and head right back out. And every locker room needs a shower...maybe two. Let's add a laundry hook - up and lockers with their actual clothes in them so they can come in, drop the gear and dirty clothes, shower, get dressed and come into the house completely ready to enjoy the home we have so lovingly created for them. O.K. Now I know I'm dreaming.