Friday, March 12, 2010

Toots and His Tooth

A boy and his tooth!
He fought it for weeks...
avoided chewing with it,
wouldn't allow anyone to look at
much less touch it.

He wanted to keep it
wanted to come out!


And this morning with
no blood
no pulling
no touching
no drama for his mama-
it just popped right out of his
mouth and onto
his pillow!

You can see why with that big tooth almost already all the way in!

But this little boy does not want the tooth fairy to come.
You see, that is why he didn't want the tooth to come out.
He kept saying-
I don't want the tooth fairy to come, I don't want him to use magic dust, I don't want him to come into my room. Can't we put it on the porch?

Since when is the tooth fairy a boy?????

Well, ever since we saw The Rock in the movie- The Tooth Fairy!!!
Uggghhhhh- just like the movies to completely change the traditional view of an iconic imaginary childhood fantasy.

Well, we have a pretty Troublesome Toothfairy at our house anyway
so maybe a boy might do a better job.
Hottie Husband- you with me here?

Fat chance!

When the tooth came out this morning, Toots said-
Can't you just put the tooth under your pillow for me mommy?

Sure honey.
That will make the tooth fairy's job oh so much easier anyway!


Kendra said...

How convenient! After losing her first tooth, my eldest decided she'd rather keep the tooth than have any money the tooth fairy was going to bring her, so we've been able to give the tooth fairy a break for a while now. :-)

Farmgirl Paints said...

HA! I like that idea...putting it under our pillow. That would be SOOOO much easier:) Can't believe it just popped right out like that. I really hate the drama of having to pull it. Lucky you:)

Buddy and Krista said...

LOVE the pics! sooo cute!

campbell6 said...

Nice new pic Farmgirl paints!

O.K. Back to the post at hand - my little Kindergarten friend in IA, Ari, lost her first tooth after 3 weeks of loosening drama. Her mama posted just today that the K teacher managed to pull it loose with no blood, same as Toots. But this little sugarplum hid her tooth, "in the back of the closet, inside the can that holds the aliens from Toy Story behind the dress up costumes so the toothy fairy can't find it". Goodness sakes, if she's afraid of the tooth fairy then I wouldn't hide it in my closet where SHE has to rummage for it!
Oh the joys and trials of childhood. Thanks for posting!

Lisa Anne said...

If you ask my son about the tooth fairy he'll just say, he's always on vacation because I'd always forget to leave the money.

Brigetta's Mom said...

Oooooooh...How I miss that boy:-)

jennifer Dennis said...

Nice break MOM!:) Natalie just lost a tooth a few ago- Tooth fairies almost forgot :(!

Foursons said...

Hahaha- the tooth fairy may actually remember to come over if the tooth was under my pillow!

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello from SITS glad I found your blog I have really been enjoying reading your writing!

Cindy said...

Ha! Great idea! Why didn't mommies think of that YEARS ago???

Congrats to your little man!

Stephanie said...

Haha, how cute. I just love that first picture :)

Mesina said...

Oh I am loving your little guy!! haha, tooth fairy a boy AND wants you to do his dirty work. DOES make life easier on that tooth fairy eh? I love it!

Thanks for stopping in to see me on my SITS feature day! It was lovely to see so many new faces!! xx

Dawn said...

Stopping by from SITS!

When my kids lose teeth we put them in a sandwich bag and leave them on the dresser. Under their pillows they fall between the bed and and the wall and the toothfairy prefers NOT to get caught with her hiney in the air whiel rummaging under the bed for a tiny little tooth...

This way has solved so many problems I only wish we had thought of it 4 kids ago!

Double Wide Mom said...

Thats a wonderful story! I'm glad you have a great place to keep it because you'll want to remind him ofthis moment years from now.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

love toots' idea about putting it under YOUR pillow! just presh!!!

Michelle Faith said...

Yeah put it under mama's pillow, I'd love for "The Rock" to come and sprinkly me with some fairy Your boy has the most handsome big hazel eyes!!
Thanks for the comment...I'm a new follower friend too.