Thursday, April 15, 2010

Braving the Road to Hana

For days, I asked strangers about the road to Hana. Gleaning information to help me decide whether it would be worth confining the boys to car for the day. Finally, we decided it was time to explore beyond the "resort" atmosphere of Lahaina and Kaanapali. It was the best choice we made. But, bravery was needed for this trip my friends. We were in for no small adventure and one long drive.

We started out in Paia, gassing up the car and picking up the best smoothies ever at The Picnic Company. We also picked up a CD to help us navigate the route. It was worth the $17 because there are no signs indicating the best places to stop, just mile markers.

For those of you who don't know anything about the road to Hana, there is really not much in Hana. 
It is the journey that is the point. 

See that sign that says "driving time 3 hours" It took us 8.

Our first stop was Twin Falls.
The CD said to take a quick dip. I think we were there for a few hours.

You see, our boys discovered a spot from the waterfall to jump from and did it over and over again. Then, you would have thought heaven had come to Earth when they discovered a rope swing.
Here is Toots taking a turn.

And Mister Luke swinging out high.
Here, he is just letting go.

And Jackie Boy. 

It was funny because as soon as the boys started swinging, everyone there wanted to try.
This rope must be noted to have been voted their favorite thing in Hawaii.
Thus, the two hours at that spot.

Then we traveled on to a lovely waterfall. Nobody was there when arrived and we decided to have our lunch there.
Another family showed up and we began exploring.
Here is Hottie Husband at the top of the waterfall. 

Toots hiked up too and had a seat.
Do you see him there to the left?
These two shots should give you some perspective on how large the waterfall was.
You will need that perspective in a moment.
My two oldest boys wanted to jump from that spot where Toots was sitting.
My response- NO, I have no idea if it is deep enough. 

This family that showed up had a dad who liked to jump from high places.
So, he checked the depth- 20 feet.. and then after some overcoming of his own fear... he jumped.

Well, that was enough for these boys of mine.
They wanted to jump.
It was at least 30 feet.

HH went and stood at the spot.
He decided that he would not be jumping.
He came down and said-
When you are up there, it looks like a really long way down. 

I learned something about my boys on this trip.
I learned they are brave, they love adventure, and they don't walk in fear.
They begged again.
Because the man had jumped and had come up alive and unharmed, I let go of my fear and let them take the leap.
Jackie Boy went first, without much hesitation.

Then, off went Mister Luke.
These boys impressed me, I tell you. 

I decided to hike up to see the perspective.
Jackie Boy was there with me.
Mom, do it!
Side note- you must know that I terrified of heights. I abhor ladders.
I looked at my nine year old son, who had jumped without fear, who had lived with adventure.
I thought - How can they already do things that I cannot?
Then I said to him-  Am I going to die?
No mom.
So I did it. 
I jumped.


I screamed the whole way, then my bottom smacked hard on the water.
I got spanked by the water. It stung.
But, there were cheers when I came up.
And I was glad.

When I reached HH, he looked at me and said-
How did you do that? ...You are scared of heights... I am so proud of you baby. 
But, now I HAVE to do it. 
He knew he wouldn't live it down with the boys if mom would jump, but dad wouldn't.
He stood up there for a long time and then he jumped.
Look at that  perfect form.

I later asked him what he had been thinking about before he jumped. He said he was trying to figure out the perfect body positioning so it wouldn't hurt. 
Of course he was!

Our boys finally let us leave that spot and we went on to see some lovely coast, so unspoiled. 




The road was very curvy and Toots said his stomach didn't feel good. I gave him a towel. The best thing we had. We told him to throw up into the towel if he needed to.
And that is just what he did.

We pulled over and told him to fold it up.
But, instead of folding it, he dumped it all in his lap and on the seat of the car.
Yes, it is a requirement that we initiate every car we rent or own with vomit. 
We cleaned it up with lack of fanfare and the efficiency that comes with parenting together for ten years and moved along with our trip.

 To  Black Sand beach, the caves, and blowholes and lava tubes


and Mister Luke even took a photo us. 

We made it to Hana.
We left at 10am and made it there by 6pm.
It was long and curvy and magnificent and adventure filled.
We stopped and we took it all in.
It was our favorite day.
No question.



Joybird said...

Brigetta, you de woman! That was some big jump.

The Brewers said...

i cannot believe you jumped! you are now very brave and adventurous transparent mama! and i love all the pics you're are so gorgeous. my fave is of you and little bear. sooo cute!!!!!!!!

GlowinGirl said...

What a great time -- and how brave of you! I'm impressed! Beautiful shots too. Thanks for the virtual vacation. ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I am sooo impressed. You jumped!! Our travels will probably be tame compared to yours. My Big chick will go for it, but Honey is super scared of heights and I don't like underwater stuff. Don't we sound like wimps?? Maybe Hawaii will make me brave...who knows. I can't wait to get on that road. Breathtaking:)

Kendra said...

Wow. SOunds like quite an adventure that you will all remember for a long time! How special.

Alisa said...

What a journey!! Your writing and pics made me feel like I was in the car with you all. =) You look so beautiful my friend and happy!! You and HH haven't changed a minute. You both still look so young and happy just like you were still in high school. Wasn't it just yesterday HH called me to see if he should call you or not? Can't wait to see you both in a month. xoxoxo

Brigetta's Mom said...

Great pictures and story telling!

JANET! said...

SO proud of you!!!! And, you all are SO brave!!!!!! (that's something i could never do. unless i was being chased by someone with a gun or a swarm of killer bees) it looks like you all are having a wonderful, dream of a time!!!

Foursons said...

Amazing! I am jealous, but I'm not sure I would have jumped.

MamaMonki said...

Beautiful!! I'm adding that to my list of places I want to see someday.

petiteblogger said...

Great shots! I'm so impressed that you jumped & that you allowed your kids to jump. I need to remember to just let my boys be boys... :)
How fun!

Leslee said...

Bra-voh!!! You get my respect girl!!

First, I have not been ablke to muster the courage to take the Road to Hana (been to Maui 5 times) and then to jump!! WOOT!! You rock!

Gorgeous photos...

I just adore Maui...