Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hottie Husband Got me a Gift!

Hottie Husband came home a few days ago and handed me something-

Here, I got you this!
And one for me too.

I looked up from what I was writing on the computer and had this in my hand.


And why will I be needing this?

So we can go hiking in Glacier and protect ourselves. 

He thought about getting a gun. A lot of people carry them here. After all, we are in Montana now. But, we agreed the danger to the kids messing with it was probably worse than the threat of a bear attack on a hike. 

Still, to be holding this product in my hand was a little..... ummm...... disconcerting. 

They said this is the best one, it even has a little carrying case.

Like its a Coach bag or something. Sorry honey but that kind of bag just doesn't do it for me. 


I looked closer at the label. 

Not for use on humans... to deter bears from attacking humans... and my personal favorite...


do not seek out encounters with bears!

Oh, thank you, that sounds like very sage advice Mister Bear Deterrent Spray Bottle.


partialemptynester said...

Too funny...reminds me of Meet the Morgans with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant...I hope you never actually have to use it, yikes!

Alisa said...

I was all excited when I saw the title of this blog. I couldn't wait to see what HH got you. Diamonds?? Oh My!! What on earth? That's a far cry from diamonds. Bear repellant? Really? He wants to go hiking where he knows he might need to use this stuff? I think I'd have to pass. Completely understand how you feel about guns, but I grew up with hunters all around me...Dad, Papa, uncles, cousins, and even I learned how to shoot a rifle when I was like 7. You are just more aware of how dangerous they can be when you grow up knowing they are in the house and what they are used for. Not sure if I'd want to get close enough to use the repellant, but with a gun you could scare the thing away maybe? I don't know. Tell HH you want diamonds next time. lol

beka said...

My. Goodness.
That is hilarious.
Ah, dontcha love men/boys... :)
The things that thrill them!! lol

Gina said...

My God!!! Come home!!!

Kendra said...

LOL! Let me know if you need any trail ideas in Glacier, I worked a summer up there in college and got to see a lot of the park. :-)

Double Wide Mom said...

HEY! You can NEVER be too careful! I also suggest bug detterent, rodent deterent, PMS deterent, flat-tire deterent, and I'm not-in-the-mood-hubby deterent.

Leslee said...
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Leslee said...

HA! Welcome to Montana, right??

He cared enough to make sure you were protected, thought yes??

♥ it!!!

Foursons said...

Hahaha- great gift!

A 2 Z said...

I also rushed over to see what it was. My husband has also given me a few of these types of gifts. I'm still at a loss of words sometimes...which is rare LOL

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi, Brigetta! I've nominated your for a "bloggy award," which you can learn more about by clicking here: :^)