Monday, June 7, 2010

My Pool...

School is officially out...
in four days
and usually
we have a swimming pool
and warm weather.

But, right now in Montana
we have rain.
Lots of rain.
And I am still in my jeans.
Yesterday, I protested and wore a sundress and sandals. 
The weather didn't care about my protest.
It didn't even bat an eye. 
Just drizzled some more right onto my sandals and my not yet chipped red toe nails.

Usually, I have many boys at my house on the last day of school.
They swim in my pool, drink lemonade, and eat pizza.
I feel like the boys will have nothing to do this summer at the house.
They are fish so the pool keeps them busy, worn out and having fun all summer

So, I went out and bought a tether ball. 
Isn't that a great substitute for a pool???

Can't you just picture them playing tether ball all summer long??

But, somebody likes the new toy.


In fact, someone better let Napoleon Dynamite know


that he better move over


because this boy has got skills.

I'll stop whining about my pool or the lack of my pool.
We may not have a pool...
but we will have
tether ball
and hiking
and biking
and boating
and fishing
and wake boarding
and eventually some warm weather.

Still... I'm really going to miss that pool this summer. 


Kendra said...

You still have four days for the nice weather to arrive, right? That's what I keep telling myself, anways. :-)

Brigetta's Mom said...

Just love that little guy and his love of balls! Come stay at my house for the summer and you can swim everyday all day:-) Then we will all be happy:-)

Alisa said...

Who needs a pool when you have a boat and that beautiful lake? You're such a good mom that you'll have activities planned all summer long. I agree with your Mom though. Nothing like summer vacations at Mom's/Grandma's house. Love you xoxoxo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh it will be good for them. They will have to be creative and resourceful and find other outdoorsy things to do. I bet they will have the best summer ever:) Your little one is beyond cute!!!

Foursons said...

I bet you will have a fantastic summer but I would be sad about a lack of a pool too. I desperately want one in our yard so we can avoid the tourists.

Cindy said...

Awww, the hot weather will come! But it sounds like you have lots of really fun things planned already!

Kasey said...

you might not have the pool but you live in a gorgeous place!
cool photos.

彥安彥安 said...
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JANET! said...

Very cute post! Did I mention that Napoleon Dynamite is MY FAVE????!!!! :)

Gina said...

They will be busy and have lots of fun, but a pool just makes things easier. You don't have to pack up anything to have fun. And us mommies like that option :) Hugs!