Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Visitors

Hottie Husband and I both come from great families. 
we love it when family comes to visit. 
Really, we do. 

Here, my nephews got to be here for the launching of our newly repaired boat.
We bought this old ski boat with my sister's family about eight years ago.
We are a little retro on the lake, but it gets us around.

When they were here in early July, it was still pretty cold, but they were troopers and hopped on the Bonzai anyway. 
They look a little cold here...

Here is my cute niece with the zip line guide at Whitefish Mountain. 
You just can't miss a photo op with a cute mountain guide, especially when you are seventeen!

My sister, Hottie Husband, my nephews and these two guys got to go too and just loved it. 
Little Bear, Toots and I had to skip this adventure due to lack of height on their parts. 


After enduring and cheering the boys on in an eight game tournament, I thought I had better let them sit down and feed them some food on the fourth of July.


The highlight for my nephews was buying fireworks in town and lighting them off in our driveway.
We only had to jump out of the way and scream loudly a few times when them came roaring toward us.  

We had a perfect view of the fireworks from our deck and had an amazing, but much too short of a time with them here. 


Then, a few weeks ago, Grammy and Papa (HH's mom and dad) came to visit. 
They are troopers. They drove eighteen hours straight to make it to the boys' tournament at regionals in Lewistown, Montana. 
They arrived at four in the morning and got up to watch a nine am baseball game. 
They have always been dedicated like that. 


Here is Papa and Little Bear at the tournament.


When we got back to Whitefish, we took them up to Whitefish Mountain and tried out the Alpine Slide. 
Jackie Boy wanted to take Grammy on a really fast ride. 

Little Bear didn't cry, but wasn't so sure about the whole experience. 

And Papa just looked all cool beans on his ride. 

They did a four mile hike with us, Papa and Jackie boy leading the way.

We fished in Glacier Park.
Lake McDonald was so serene.
I love this photograph. That is Mister Luke in the distance, Grammy kneeling with Little Bear, Toots, Papa and then Jackie Boy is closest. 

Every morning when they were here, Papa and Mister Luke would get up really early together, go buy bait and Super Duper lures and anything else they thought they needed and head down to the lake. 
ML was is heaven, having those early mornings with Papa all to himself.
I don't have any pictures of that because I was still sleeping, but I still love this one although it is of Papa and Jackie Boy, who does not particularly like fishing.

I also love this one that I took of Grammy.
Have I told you that I have the best mother-in-law ever? 
Well, I do. 

We laughed so hard at this picture when she said she looked like a pioneer.
I then made fun of her and said she looked like she had been the discoverer and founder of the lake. 
Doesn't she look like it here? 

We laughed about it until we were crying. 
And then we cried some more... 

after some fun boating on the lake, 
when they had to go home. 


donahugh43 said...

Thanks for the memories.LOVED every minute of the trip. Except when we had to leave.

DeanO said...

What a host of great pictures - this my my kind of living

The Brewers said...

oh how i would love to come and visit you my precious friend...and i am really looking forward to you and LB coming out soon! :) he needs to know his german roots! love you...

Farmgirl Paints said...

You live in the most breathtaking spot Brigetta. Seriously beautiful! That pic of your mother in law was so funny:) She did look like a pioneer woman. What special memories you are making with your sweet family. You've got some keepers there. Oh and that pic of your niece with that guy. They looked so cute. I bet she was so embarrassed on the inside. He WAS cute!!

Foursons said...

Sounds like such a great time! Love the extra special grandpa time.

Anonymous said...
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