Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day

I started out my day thinking that I didn't have THAT much to do.
I would certainly have time to write a post in the morning. 
It is now 9:50pm.
Obviously, it didn't happen.

Instead, we dropped off the kids and headed to the gym. 
I need to lose some fluff from my summer of weeks on end of being on vacation.

Then, I hit the grocery store for the week's supply with Little Bear shouting all the way. He likes his voice and can only be understood by himself.
I came home and unloaded and dispersed groceries into appropriate spots. 
This takes FOREVER.

Stopped at Subway for a "Jared" sandwich. See small print above.

Went hunting with Hottie Husband for a birthday present for Toots. His birthday is in two days. Mister Luke's is tomorrow. 
We finally found what we were looking for.
Stopped at Walgreens for various birthday stuff.

Dropped HH off at home with Little Bear and picked up 5 boyz in my handy dandy Suburban that I cannot get along without.
My apologies to the giant car haters out there.

Took five boyz to ice cream, watched them climb various poles and trees outside and brought them home. 

Decided I need to give away some of these veggies. The mother of the two extra boys in my car will be taking home a gift package of onions and potatoes. 

Boyz decide to make rockets  out of plastic bottles, vinegar and baking soda and clean out my vinegar stash. 
They claim the rockets shot 50 feet in the air.
I say a prayer that the police will not show up at my door.


Boyz ride bikes to neighbors house who calls to say he is grilling hamburgers for all of them.
Yes, I love thy neighbor, actually my neighbor- especially tonight.

I watch HH begin to read this

and I am slightly nervous.

I make brownies for Mister Luke to take with him to school tomorrow. 
I don't like this selection of his.
I wanted to make cupcakes. I make lovely cupcakes. 
Brownies don't turn out pretty. They never cut clean.
I read the fine print on the box that says to use a plastic knife and cut them in a sawing motion.
For the first time in my life, I am able to cut brownies without cursing them.
I now like the fine print but think they should enlarge the print on the box to help other moms like me.

Two boyz go home.

Homework. Dinner. Dishes. Piano Practice. Showers.

Then, I hug my ten year old and feel a little sad as he goes to sleep. 
He will never be ten again. 
How silly I am that I am now crying as I write this.

He reminds me of our tradition. 
I'll have a sign and presents in my room in the morning, right?

No, that only lasts until you are ten.
I tease. 

I go downstairs and do what I started when he was tiny. 
I didn't know it would be a tradition when I did it the first time wanting him to feel like it was his birthday right when he woke up. 
I make a sign that says-  Happy 11th Birthday Luke!
I blow up balloons, cut streamers and wrap three small presents.
I use masking tape because the double roll of Scotch tape that I know is in this house somewhere, but not in the drawer where I keep it, was last seen in the Birthday boy's hands. 
He gets ugly masking tape. 

One of the small gifts is a pack of these-


Silly Bands.
Are these all the rage with the kids where you live too? 

Now, he is probably asleep and I am going to head up to his room and decorate it.
I'm going to kiss that ten year old who won't let me kiss him when he is awake and say goodbye to ten.


donahugh43 said...

Sounded like a fun filled day.Can't believe Mister Luke is eleven. Have a fun filled day today

PBKISSES said...

We also have a silly sign tradition AND I have two boys whose birthdays are a week apart in November (and two others with b-days the SAME day in August) So I totally understand the whole birthday overload birthdays so close together can bring about. Hang in there and enjoy your cake(s) and presents(s) these next few days!
PS- AND I can so relate to the TAPE being MIA, I hide tape all over my house, but they always find it-or I forget where I hid it!

MamaMonki said...

Sounds like a wonderful busy day. I'm glad I'm not the only mama that thinks things like that about birthdays and tears up. You have a beautiful birthday tradition. Your boys are going to have special memories to treasure.

partialemptynester said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!! Love the sign tradition! We're sign makers, too! When hubby texted me on the way home from his golf trip this past weekend to tell me to "make room for the cup", my daughter immediately rolled out the butcher paper and paint and had a "congratulations, dad" sign up in the driveway when he arrived! I love it when the kids get into traditions (esp when we moms least expect it)...also, yes, silly bands are a rage here in our neck of the woods, too...girls/boys, all ages...their great that way!

Brigetta's Mom said...

You are such a good mommy!

Karla said...

Oh, I get weepy like that at birthdays, too. And holidays. And vacations. And, well, all them time it seems. My husband refuses to look at any picture I bring to him of them when they were younger. Sounds like you may need a rest, now...