Friday, October 1, 2010

Falling for Colors

I am experiencing autumn like never before. 

Each day when I drive my short route to town, 
I fall in love with the new colors of the day.

Autumn comes suddenly here.
It surprised this California girl by swiftly sweeping through the leaves in September.

At first it seemed as if a blush had been applied to the uppermost edges of the trees.

The fire bushes turned a magnificent red.

This tree is right in the middle of town, next to a park.
 I love the burnt orange next to the blue sky.

But, I can tell it won't last long. 
The leaves are already falling.

 I have a new love for a season that gives me colors I didn't realize had been created. 

Um... he's just super cute so I am throwing this one in as a non sequitur!

I'm finding that change is quite beautiful.

What is autumn like where you live?


Toyin O. said...

Such pretty pictures.

Gina said...

Brigetta Vance is sooooo BLONDE!!!!! wow.. :) pics are beautiful!

Lindsay Peters said...

Here's Fargo in the Fall!

Farmgirl Paints said...

So pretty Brigetta. Glad you get to experience it. Ours is looking just like that now too. I love the color, but it makes me a little sad too. I know what's coming. Have to fight off the feelings of dread.

The Brewers said...

hey friend. last year i fell in love with fall, too. my favorite was when all of the trees were bright yellow. it was magnificent. then before you blink an eye they are gone. fall is just beginning here...october will be a brilliant month and i am so looking forward to it. love you

donahugh43 said...

Love the pictures, wish i was there to see them in person. Our colors have been changing for the last couple of days.Wish they could stay a little longer. Why does fall have to be so short. I LOVE that boy.

Leslee said...


Dear husband just returned from Montana and was telling ma all about the fantastic pictures I could take with the colors changing...

Brigetta's Mom said...

I loved all of the different colors of the trees while I was there! Especially the RED on in the middle of all of the green trees in the golf course:-) Your pictures are beautiful!!