Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Pickens Pumpkin Patch

Every fall we go to the pumpkin patch.
In California, we went to Lombardi Ranch and I was sort of sad to miss it, not sure if they had something like it here.
They do!

It's called Sweet Picken's Pumpkin Patch. 
The owner's last name is Pickens. 

But, the favorite thing wasn't the pumpkins.
In fact, their pumpkins were kind of lacking in luster due to our cool summer weather.

It was a giant pillow!

We jumped

and jumped

and slid down the sides

 got sand in our socks and laughed.

You can sort of see how big it is in this not so great photo of me and really cute picture of Little Bear.

Then we were off to race tractors, with bike pedals.
I laughed so hard watching Jackie Boy taxi Little Bear around. 
He sat there so cool and calm, enjoying the ride.

Toots had total control, navigating the turns

And then Mister Luke got a passenger too.

We made some new friends

and took a train ride in some wooden carts pulled by Mrs. Pickens in her John Deer tractor.

Here is a really great picture that Hottie Husband took of us on the train. 
He knows I don't get in many family pictures so he was sure to focus on me!

I handed him back the camera and said, "Hmmm. Try again."

A little better this time.
At least my whole head was in it!


Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture HH took cracked me up. Such a classic cut-the-head off shot. And the expressions on the boy's faces is funny too.

Looks like a cool pumpkin patch. Did I read that right? You had a cool summer? Huh? Isn't that an oxy-moron?

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Thanks for sharing...especially the photo lacking your face.
There use to be soooo many of those kinds of photos before the digital age.
Look like you had lots of fun.

Brigetta's Mom said...

What a fun day!

Laura aka Lolo said...

Looks like you had fun and found your new Lombardis. Yes our whole family went and looked at the smelly goats, old firetruck and crazy displays, took the picture on the haystack bought pumpkins too. Rumor has it it will be the last year for Lombardis but then they have said that for like 10 years. You have a beautiful family and of course you too!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Now THAT'S a pumpkin patch...sorta:) What fun for the whole family!

The Brewers said...

you look gorgeous in all 2 1/2 pics! love seeing pics of you my friend :)