Friday, December 10, 2010


This is the post where I complain about myself.

I am a bad Christmas card letter writer. I committed to writing one and...sigh... didn't. But, my card is very cool. Perhaps a letter next year, but I'm not making any promises. 

I am a bad blogger...sigh...I love to write posts and reply to comments and visit my blog friends. But, I suck right now. Don't tell my kids I used that word. I will blame the holidays. 

I am a bad mother... sigh... I gave up three times today when I should have pushed on. First, we were getting ready in the morning and Toots was being Distracto Boy. You know, the boy who goes to put on his socks and then looks at his Star Wars book instead or goes to brush his teeth and takes out a waffle to cook when he has already eaten breakfast. After speaking calmly, then yelling like a freakazoid...sigh... I finally said, "I give up. I don't care if you are late to school." His older brother was not happy; he has to be at school the earliest and was marked tardy. 

The second time was when they were home from school and Little Bear was whining for a Danimal. I suggested healthier foods and he got louder. I said, "I give up." Then Mister Luke said, "You give up too easy mom. That is the second time today." sigh

The last one is a doozy. We pick up my dad and step-mama from the airport (I am ecstatic they are here) and head down to the Whitefish Christmas Stroll. I discover my camera battery is dead... sigh.  
It involves food, chestnuts roasting over open fires, dog teams, carolers, Santa pictures and a baby face down in the street in an icy cold puddle with no gloves on because the new ones his mother bought him won't stay on. Who's child is that? It couldn't be mine because I would never lose a back arching, fit throwing, fight with a toddler who thinks it is a good idea to go traipsing through puddles of melting snow on a dirty street. I would fight on and not in any case whatsoever give up. Except that... sigh...I am a bad mother and today I gave up. 

Just one more sigh and I'll forgive myself, wake up with new mercies tomorrow and trek on.


Farmgirl Paints said...

You're human...enough said. Love you girlie. We are getting TONS of snow right now. I'm sitting here looking at a blizzard!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey...don't be too hard on yourself...
we all have those Farmgirl Paints says...we are human.
I think you are a good blogger. Most of the time your camera is ready. Most of the time you are on top of being the Mom you want to be.
Maybe this will make you feel better...
This summer we were headed to Yellowstone...We were getting gasoline...I get out of the car...I see something I want to get a picture of...grab the camera in its case...and it goes flying on to the ground without the case...I pick up the camera...push the "on" button...nothing...I am totally bummed. you see it happens to all of us.
Enjoy your family.