Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes You Need a Window

In the early morn today, I leaned toward the bathroom window. 
I could feel the negative six air trying to make its way in. 
Could see the frost along the edges. 
I peered out to see what that kind of cold looks like.
And I was grateful for the window. 


How hard would it be to live in a house without windows?
In a place where we didn't know what lay beyond?
In a place where we couldn't see what the outside held before we stepped into it?


But, isn't life just like a house without windows sometimes?
Don't we sit in some seasons, waiting for a window to our future?
Waiting to know what the next part of our life holds for us?
THAT is a hard place.

It's the waiting place and it's unsettling and stirring and stressful. 


But, it's also the place of  the growing, the process, the maturity.


It's the place where character is built and 
trust is necessary. 


Trust is the opposite of fear and that's where we are meant to walk.

And soon enough...


the waiting ends
there is an opening,
a place to step into. 

Whatever you are waiting on?
Whatever window you need?
It's coming.
It's coming. 


Penelope said...

Wow! You are a beautiful poet! What an AMAZING site! Dropping by from SITS but will be staying awhile!

mountain mama said...

amen! :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for some needed inspiration! Beautiful photos!

Brigetta's Mom said...

I hope the window is BIG!

Tana Adams said...

Thank you for this, I need a window. I'm feeling a bit shipwrecked lately. LOVE the pictures on this post.

Joybird said...

Ah, Brigetta, this is a great analogy. I have been sitting and waiting for a long time. I thought I had a window, but now it looks more like tromp l'oeil and the worst thing is I'm not sure how to tell the difference. So I feel like I am just sitting and waiting again, only this time in the dark.

M Kathy Brown said...

Brigetta ~

Excellent! Exactly the right pics for the words :~) And, what a perfect description of *hope.* Love it.


Lissa said...

great post! I spent a long long time learning how to live in trust instead of fear!

emily wierenga said...

this is so beautiful...