Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night

I'm watching The Oscars and tweeting and practicing my new hashtag skills. Did you know if you use hashtags like #Oscars or #momblog or #funnykid or even #weird, it helps people find you on Twitter? You are probably much more advanced than me, but I'm just learning.

Jackie Boy turned ten yesterday. Ten! I can't believe I have two kids in the double digits. Those two used to be double trouble when they were little. Now, they are like little men. And it makes me proud. And then it makes me want to crawl under the covers and SOB because time is going by so fast. He had a sleep over party last night. Lotso boys at our house.

Nerf darts everywhere, silly string war, pinata, movie, more Nerf darts, junk food, whipped cream and bubble gum game, popcorn..... MESS! But, good kids and a lot of fun. I have pictures. Yes, I do. But, my cord that lets me put the pictures into my computer and share them with you.... it BROKE. I tried to fix it with my teeth. That didn't work.

So, no pictures tonight. I'll just look at all the pretty dresses on TV. Ah, that will make me feel better. What was your favorite? I love Jennifer Hudson's.

Did I mention there was a sleep over party here last night? Then, you'll forgive this scattered post.

It's Hottie Husband's birthday tomorrow. I've been sleeping with a younger man for the last six months. Now, he'll be the same age.


Angie said...

I heart twitter. It is way too much fun! Happy Birthday to your younger man :)

Foursons said...

I have one who will be hitting the double digits this year. My older two officially left their teens w/the younger one turning 20 in February. That seems unreal to me.

Joybird said...

They were totally double trouble. I remember trying to get them to sit still in KP! about kindergarten or so.