Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mom. shopping. hooray.

My mom is flying in today.
To Missoula.
That's about a two hour drive, but I don't mind. 
There will be no children in the car. 

And the thought of spending two hours alone just sound a little ...

For some reason, whenever mom comes to town, I post about shopping.
Maybe because I miss the girly time and I know I'll get that when she gets here. 

I mean, I'm all good with skiing, hiking, boating, biking and trekking to various sporting events, but a girl needs some
girl time. 

So, I am thinking about what I can buy in Missoula.

First, I want to find some shades for this new light fixture. 


And perhaps some spring color for this muted wardrobe of mine.
I am color challenged. 
I like it but I just can't seem to wear it. 


Case in point.
Today's outfit. 


But, I am going to search for colorful additions to my closet selection.
And I will share with you soon what I find.

What about you?
Are you a color girl or do you tend to stick with greys, tans, blacks and browns like me?


Kendra said...

Drive safe and have fun in Zootown! Isn't funny how we gravitate towards the same colors in our clothes? Mine are black, grey, brown, with some pink and blue thrown in there. I think all the springy stuff out now is rather colorful, so you should have quite a bit to choose from! :-)

partialemptynester said...

Yay for mom time! Love it! Ya know...that color wheel...weelll, I tend to have mostly black in my closet, but I do splash it up a bit with a few pieces here and there...then there was that stage when I was going to become more brown...hmmm, so yeah, lots of blacks, browns with splashes here and there, lol! Have sooo much fun with your mom!!!!!!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said... get to go to the "big" city! (for Montana)
Yea...your Mom is coming!
Yea...for shopping...hope you find what you are looking for.
Have FUN !!!
Praying for the sun to come out for you (and me). Its been cloudy...except for early am today.
Colors I wear are mostly brown. But I am a purple/pink kinda husband likes I have some brighter blue too.

Farmgirl Paints said...

i love color, so i use it in my accessories. fun bright scarves and necklaces...maybe a feather or two in my hair:) have fun with your momma. i swear she was just there. lucky!!

Joybird said...

I'm kind of a mix. This winter I got a bunch of brightly colored long sleeve shirts and tanks to layer. Hopefully the cheerful drew attention away from the black or gray yoga pants uniform I wear below.

Leslee said...

I am def a color gal... California, you know how we roll :-) Good luck with your shopping and enjoy spending time with your Momma!

Love And Maple Syrup said...

Oh, lucky you! My mom just left, and her visit was too short. Not enough time together, because she shares her time with all her kids... too many of us! (I guess that's one good thing of being by your lonesome in Montana!) I hope you fill up on girl time together, and your shopping sprees are successful! Say hello to her for me :) Baseball is just not the same!
I just spent a few hours yesterday browsing the new spring clothes, and there was so much color that I had to go home and take inventory of my closet to see what colors would work. I am a blue jeans and black tee kind of gal... the bright colors stunned me a little, but I know I need to add some splashes of color -- spring is here!

Angie said...

I am color challenged at times. Sometimes I do good, but other times I just stick with blah neutrals.

I wanted a springy purse so bad. I was motivated and ready to buy one! And I bought black. husband laughed at me. I just couldn't do it. I still want a colorful purse, but pretty sure I won't get one.

I would love 2 hours of quiet. Ahhh!

Lissa said...

I'm color challenged too but I'm working on it! I really am finding that I do like a little color here and there. Have fun shopping with your mama!

April and Holly said...

I love the photo in your header of your 4 boys taken the back. Adorable! I can understand missing girly time. I enjoy shopping my mom because going alone, you have no feedback. And shopping with your husband, bad feedback. Shopping with your kids....well, unsolicated feedback.

I think I'm alittle of both trends. Most of my "going out" clothes are the neutrals and my casual clothes are colorful.

My new craft blog is up now. Would love to have you come stop by if you get the chance!

-April from Desires of the Heart (different google acct)