Friday, March 11, 2011

My Morning Look

Mom took this photo of me this morning.
So, in rare fashion, I thought I'd share my morning look....
 because I love you. 
And my whole goal is to make you feel better about yourself.

This is my threw a hat on, no brushing of teeth or hair, sweatpants, no contact lenses, hooray they all made it to school on time look. 
I am not one of those mother's who is put together before drop-off. Never have been. Never will. 
I'd rather hang out with them in the morning. And sleep a little longer. 
That's just how I roll. 

That is MY breakfast Little Bear is eating- Honey Bunches of Oats with Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt. 
All stirred up. Yum. And he is getting it. 
But, I am getting some work done. 
sacrifices. you know all about them. 


I am surprised at how serious I look. 
I am concentrating though— 
trying to complete a project I'm working on.
Yes, I said new project.
It will be released, shared... very soon. 

What are your mornings like?
How do you roll?


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I am NOT a morning person...
I get up and drink a BIG glass of water...
Make some energy tea...hoping it will help me wake up...if not I drink another cup...sooner, than later.
The sun helps me to wake up a little better...and I can't wait for Daylight Savings time to start!
I was up late last night...the BIG Conoco Mega Loads went right by(yes, right next to) my house...they are on the way to Billings...see for more details.
I took a few pictures(not the best) to post on my blog...hopefully today. 8-)
Take care,
P.S. enjoy your Mom!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I look pretty ragged most of the day. I'm an afternoon freshen upper;) It just doesn't make sense to shower before I go to the gym. I think you look pretty darn cute. Can't wait to see what you're working on:)

FireWife said...

I'm a grad student, so this semester, I'm a "get as much sleep as possible before class even if you have to for-go a shower" type gal. Last semester, with an 8AM, I had to shower and prepare, else I would have fallen asleep! I suppose whatever best gets me through the day :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I am not much of a morning lover. So happy I have no need to be one! lol A new project sounds exciting!

Angie said...

My mornings are different depending on my mood. Some days I pop up and get dressed before the kids rise. But mostly I focus on them and then get myself ready.

Your breakfast sounds delish. I will be trying that combo soon!!

Joybird said...

Well, let's see, it's 1:47 on a Saturday and I'm eating lunch in sweats and no make up. I did bathe and change out of jammies around 12:30 or so. And I have a wedding renewal tonight so I'll get gussied up later. But otherwise, yeah, I'd rather sleep in than be pretty any morning.