Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shameless Promotion

The past few days I have been involved in shameless promotion. Online shameless promotion. Begging for people to "like" and become a "fan"of my  Whitefish Life  (my online magazine) Facebook page. You see, you need 25 fans to become a real page and get your own url. You also need this to be able to comment on other people's pages.

And guess what? I asked for 25 and at this moment, I've got 73. People are amazing! They blessed my socks right off. If you want to be part of succumbing to my shameless promotion, you can like it right here too- Whitefish Life on Facebook. :) Love you.

Even though I have been blogging for a couple of years, I do it mostly for personal reasons- to connect with other moms, create a diary/scrapbook for my family, share my thoughts, make sure grandparents get to see pictures. So, promotion hasn't been a big part of it. Whitefish Life is a business (although my whole heart is just to help people and tell their story which is super fun for me) and so I am treating it as such.

That means promotion. But, goodness sakes, social media makes it so fun and easy. I didn't realize it, but creating a page for your business is HUGE. You can like and comment on other local business pages and they in turn like you and spread the word. Crazy!

Forgive me while I go out and shamelessly promote myself some more, all the while knowing who is doing the blessing.