Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There Is A Monster In My House

There is a monster in my house.

He's red and has big eyes.

It looks like he may need a haircut, but I'm scared to do it. 

He has two heads.

And raids my refrigerator.

But I think I'll keep him.

Because he sure is cute.


donahugh43 said...

Boy i sure do miss that monster. Can you please put him in a box and ship him to me. I'll send him back someday. If you find a big enough box, you can ship them all down.

Rebekah said...

He is so cute!

Brigetta's Mom said...

Oh my gosh...I was just there with him and miss that big eyed beautiful baby boy so much...along with the other 3 boys and you too little mama!!

M Kathy Brown said...

Beautiful picture story for you to read to him - he oughta like that, huh!

Thanks for sharing!