Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Pics

This was our first official Easter in Montana.
Last year, we'd driven to California, flown to Hawaii and flown back to spend Easter in California.
So, we went about creating some new traditions this year. 

We now call this boy The Speedy Dipper. Because in the eggs would go- plop, crack, plop, crack.
And then out he would grab them. 
It was hilarious and destructive all at the same time.

We woke up and did our usual hunt. It took Little Bear a minute to figure out what we were doing and then he was all into it, saying EGGS, EGGS, EGGS. 

 Everyone dressed up for a photo before we were off to church and then onto a nice brunch. 
The afternoon was spent with friends grilling and playing. 
Football, trampoline, egg hunt, baseball, hula hoop, skating. 

The sun was shining and warm all day long!
It was beautiful and needed
I was delighted that it actually felt like spring with a hint of summer. 

I hope your Easter was lovely.

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Brigetta's Mom said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter and thank you for the wonderful pictures. We had a heavy drizzle most of the AM than overcast all day...So much for Sunny California..Ha ha!