Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I woke up this morning with gratefulness that everyone was under the roof with me. I imagined each little boy in his bed, snuggled in the early morning light. Soft breath. Rising chest. Safe. Whole.

But, my heart was heavy.  Because while I lay wrapped in gratefulness, others wandered ravaged streets, scraped through rubble and shattered glass, searched for loved ones in Joplin.

And my heart was heavy because others close to me are wrestling with a newly discovered threat to their life and family as they know it.

My heart was heavy because I know another whose son is not whole. Who was injured traumatically this weekend.  Hottie Husband called from the fire station to tell me that this seven year old, this friend of my son,  had been run over by an industrial lawnmower. That he was being air lifted from the property to Spokane and then Seattle. His life was spared, but the injuries are heartbreaking. This sweet family, who loves the Lord, will forever be changed. Please pray for them...  restoration and healing over little Joe and his big brothers and his parents.

So, while I breathed in that moment of gratefulness, I also had this sense that all these moments are fleeting. That change can come in an instant. But, God is there always. There always in our pleasures and pains.

And as C.S. Lewis said, "God whispers in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains."


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I will be praying for little Joe & his family.

Brigetta's Mom said...

I love you darling daughter for sharing your pain Prayers and always being there for your family and friends in good times and bad. Mom

MamaMonki said...

Prayers for your son's friend and family. And praying for everyone out west tonight.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I just went up to check on my son safely sleeping in his bed. By grace he is safe and sound. I will be sending up prayers for others who are not tonight.

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh girl i constantly have those thoughts and feelings. like it could change in a heartbeat. but even in tragedy God is always good. praying for that little one. that broke my heart.

Valerie said...

Oh God...literally! I just popped in to see what you are up to and read your most recent post. I will be adding this sweet 7-year old to my prayer list. Unfortunately, "farm" tragedies, similar to this "lawn" incident are all too common, here in the Midwest.

Thank you also for your prayers for those affected by the EF5 tornado in Joplin. While I have no family in the area, several of my close friends do. They have lost everything...except their faith! We appreciate your continued blessings as more storms approach the Midwest this Memorial Day weekend.

My little ones have recently become fearful of storms...they never have been before. Trying to limit media coverage in front of them, but it is difficult to do since so much of KC is mobilizing to help our Joplin neighbors 2 hours to the south. :(



takemetomaui said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking post, Brigetta. Thank you for the reminder, it's so easy to take our blessings for granted.