Monday, June 13, 2011

Glory Moments

This baseball season, we really wanted Jackie Boy (our 10 year old) to be able to move up into Mister Luke's league (for 11 and 12s). Some of his friends moved up and it just makes our family life easier. Hottie Husband coaches them both, less practices to keep track of, less games. The ability level is there. The problem was he hadn't played two years in Whitefish Baseball, which was the rule.

I was annoyed. It is a silly rule. He's been playing tournament ball in California since he was five.  But, we let it go sort of and he played with the tens.  In this case, it turned out best for our guy.

When you have kids as close as ours in age (16 months apart) it is easier sometimes to have the younger one go along with the older. It pushes them, makes them better, makes the family schedule easier. If we'd pushed in this instance, he'd have lost an opportunity to make good friends his own age. And he'd have lost an opportunity to shine. 

He never would have pitched with the older kids because there are so many good pitchers. But yesterday, his team had to beat the lead team twice to win the championship game. And he got to pitch and pitch and pitch, giving up only two runs in six innings. 

They beat that team once and then beat them twice. 
He pitched the final pitch... strike three.. and ran for his coach, 

caught his friend and teammate in the air,

and celebrated joyfully.

I loved this next moment. He's was running out to the field with his friends and heard his dad call his name

and he turned back for a hug.

It was a moment he would have missed if we'd pushed for our way. 

It's that hard line though. Request a teacher or not? Push for something for them or not?
I thought I need to fight for him to play where he was suited. 
But, it is another one of those instances where I didn't know best. 

Of course, it isn't lost on me that I do this with God all the time. 
Knowing always that if I push for my way, 
He might just let me have it. 

But, and this is a big but
the consequence is that I'll miss the glory moment. 
Because when we want what's better.
He has what's best.

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Farmgirl Paints said...

we do the same thing alot. they get lumped together...even though there is a bigger age difference. so glad your boy got to have that experience and that you got to witness it!

Brigetta's Mom said...

Congratulations to you and Jackie Boy!!

Love the pictures:-) Thanks much.

donahugh43 said...

What a wonderful story. Had tears in my eyes. Love those boys, big and small.