Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mud Boy's Alter Ego

Today we woke up after nine. 
Summer is here and I am delighted. 
Having the boys home, not making lunches, not hounding about homework, not wearing my taxi driver hat. 
I know it is Saturday, but this will continue...
It is a relief. A welcome break. 

Our last day or I should say MY last day of school looked like this.
Wake up. Drive kids to school in pjs. Drive home. Get a call from Mister Luke. He forgot something. Can I drive back to school and bring it? Of course. Brush my teeth. Put on pants. Drive back to school. Deliver item with Little Bear Still in pjs. Drive home. Jackie Boy calls. MOM-you need to pay three dollars NOW on our lunch account or we can't get our report cards. I WILL shower first. Wrap birthday gift for party later. Throw in laundry. Get dressed. Drive to school. Pay three dollars. You need seventy more cents. Walk to car with Little Bear. Pull sticky quarters and dimes from change catch in car. Pay seventy cents. 11:30- school is out. Pick up one, two and three boys. Drive to store to pick up hamburger buns for after school party. Drive to party. Make hamburger patties. Help set up tables. Take two to another party. Drive home to get baseball uniforms for the night. Drive back to pick up Toots at party #1.   He goes to a friends house. Drive to second party to pick up Mister Luke. Drive to baseball fields. Sits in car to put on uniform. MOM-you forgot my cup. Drive to pick up Jackie Boy. Back to baseball fields. He puts on uniform. MOM- You forgot my cup. Seriously, those things are always in my car or purse or kitchen counter. How can I have forgotten?
Drive home to find said baseball cups. Only find one. Drive to pick up Toots from friends house. Back to baseball fields. Game is about to start. Carry screaming Little Bear who wants to "walk my myself" and run to field to deliver cup. Stand between two games. Head whipping back and forth. 
And mud boy in red gets "little girl in purple" all dirty. 

In the midst of that, Little Bear wandered out to a field, piece of cheese in hand and discovered dandelions.

And I stopped and breathed in the moment. 

And when Hottie Husband asked me that night what I did today?
I indulged myself and laid it all out. 


Farmgirl Paints said...

whew that made me tired just reading it. that's the one thing i love about summer sleeping in! those pics are right out of the sound of music! gorgeous:)

Brigetta's Mom said...

A day in the life of a mother of 4 boys....LOL.

I know he was picking that flower for me:)