Friday, June 10, 2011

Scaring The Mom of The Little Girl In Purple

We have a sign up at our home that my sweet sister bought for me. It reads, "We now interrupt this family for baseball season." And it's true for her family too. Perhaps it's not so much interrupted, but enhanced. As shown in today photos. 

Little Bear is dragged to oh... so... many baseball games. And he LOVES it. I once drove away from the fields and didn't drop him off with his brothers and he yelled, "baseball, baseball, baseball" all the way home. 

Yesterday, both Mister Luke and Jackie Boy had games at the same time. So, I stood between fields with my neck whipping back and forth, then chasing Little Bear, then trying to find Toots, then putting Little Bear in a time out for throwing gravel, then giving snack money to Toots, then losing two children and finding them again. 

So, when our neighbor sauntered over and pointed out that Little Bear had found a mud puddle and asked if I was cool with it, I looked at his happy jumping feet and said confidently, "yes." I was exhausted. Mud was doable. 

It wasn't freezing cold and those socks and sandles (he requested shocks and shandles together so I anticipate he'll be attending Berkeley someday) could be removed after the games. But, parents started to look uncomfortable. What kind of mother would let her little boy jump in a mud puddle. And notice that cute little girl in the purple behind him?

 Well, Little Bear must have looked dangerous with that mud puddle, because some shoes showed up to tell "Little Girl in the Purple" to stay away from "Splashing Boy in the Red."

But, "Little Girl in the Purple" must have liked "Splashing Boy in the Red" because she had to be escorted away from this little mud baby!

He's the fourth. That's all I can say. Mister Luke barely ever touched the ground. But, when times are desperate, mud is good. Really good. 

I got to watch two exciting games, one ending in two extra innings and loss and one ending in a win. 

I'm going to be back blogging here. 
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Foursons said...

I am cracking up that the other parents thought it was wrong for him to be jumping in a puddle. Aren't mud puddles and little boys made for each other? *shaking head*

Tina Hollenbeck said...

I wouldn't have dragged my little girl away. In fact, we've always called my older daughter "Mud Magnet" because she just seems to look at it and get dirty...but, goodness, what better simple pleasure of childhood? The purple clothes would have washed just fine! :^)

Renee said...

What fun, life is to short let kids be kids. Your such a great
Mum. Love reading your blog
Thank you for sharing.

Brigetta's Mom said...

Yeah!!! Your back you beautiful loving mother of my muddy grandchild:-)