Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Huck Hunt!

Our Sunday.
It was lovely. 
Not perfect. Not easy all the way around.

But lovely. A family day. 

It started out with making it to church on time. Everyone found both of their shoes. We had coffee and creamer at the same time. Nobody had to use the facilities just as we were walking out the door. A rarity.

And the message was solid and filling.
  Check out Fresh Life Church...it is taking the state of Montana by storm. The young pastor Levi Lusko is a true teacher and you can watch all his messages online.

At home, I made a brunch of breakfast burritos and banana pancakes. 
The boys set the table on the deck and gathered flowers for a centerpiece. 
We ate brunch overlooking the lake. 
It was hot. We were a little sweaty and hornets swooped in now and then. 
But, it was still good. 

It is Huckleberry Hunting season in Montana the only hunting season we participate in and we hadn't yet picked one huckleberry. 

This is one of the things I love best about living here. 
Huckleberries aren't farmed and sold in the grocery store. They only grow at certain elevations and you truly have to hunt for them. They are a favorite food of bears, so you also have to be aware and make lots of noise. We don't have a problem with this. And once you find a good patch, you don't tell ANYONE where it is. This is serious business here in Montana.

So we set out on our hunt. 
We arrived at the mountain ready to hike. 
Then, HH informed me that the patch he'd found last year involved hiking straight up the mountain. 
It would be no gradual, weaving trail. 

I followed close behind

Then, not so close behind.

Then realized that my absence from the gym the last two months was not such a good idea. 

I mean, geez... it was steep and straight up. 
But, those boys were so good. 
You okay mom?
Weave a little back and forth mom... it makes it easier. 

But, I thought of huckleberries. 
This was a hike for a cause. 
It was an adventure.
I would make it. 

We found our patch. 
And picked and picked. 

And yes, HH carried a 30 pound child on his back up that hill no problem but he climbs stairs with a tank on his back for a living now so that's not fair. 

Our fingers stained huckleberry purple. 

We ate and picked and honestly... I could have stayed and picked all afternoon. 
I love picking and watching the bag fill. 
I wanted it full, but dinner time was closing in and we had one more special thing planned. 

We ran by the market, grabbed vanilla ice cream and some dinner for a picnic, then headed to the boat. 
We would picnic at sunset on the lake. 
Toasting HH's Grandpa Don he passed away a few months ago and it was his birthday and eating our dinner on a hot summer night as the sun set while we floated...it was dreamy. 
And the fact that we ran out of gas and had to be rescued by a dock boy from the marina didn't damper it a bit. Really, it didn't. 

The night ended with one of the best things in the world. 
 Huckleberry Shakes. 
Seriously, I wish I could pour some for you right now because these are ridiculously good. 
We think huckleberries and vanilla ice cream were made for each other. 


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

and Fun,Fun.
Glad you did see any bears.
The delayed forest fire season is upon us and really near...we are fine, but please pray for those closer than us...and all the fire fighters.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I mean't did NOT see any bears

Brigetta's Mom said...

Did you get enough so I can make some Jam???

Rebekah said...

Oh wow! That looks like so much fun!

donahugh43 said...

Wish i could of joined you, the berry picking part, not the hike. Love the picture of HH and little bear. Did he get sea sick rocking back and forth. Summer fun.

Lisa Buffaloe said...

What a beautiful day playing in God's glory!

Farmgirl Paints said...

i love your sweet simple life. thank you for taking me with you on all your adventures. wish i was right there. i could use some huckberry cobbler. sure sounds amazing!!