Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Bull Thing

Last weekend, we got all cowboyed up. 
Actually, just the two youngest...  the two eldest had a great time locating all the cowboy gear for their little brothers. 
None of them seemed to realize that boys don't tuck their jeans into their boots. 
THEY thought those BOOTS should SHOW!

Grandma was in town (a surprise for my 39th ughh birthday) and friends had invited us to 
"The BULL Thing!"
That meant it was a rodeo and it was ALL bulls. 

Little Bear thought he was dressing like Woody from The Toy Story and Toots is still just young enough to be excited to dress up. 

And me... well, the idea of taking photos... 

 of this guy... dressed like this...

it was like candy. 
Or ice cream. 

With chocolate syrup

 and whipped cream and a cherry.
Have I mentioned I'm trying to diet today? 

But, you get the idea. 
It was a treat!

And when the kids saw the this little town called Eureka which is about 8 miles from the Canadian Border... all of their faces looked like this. 

Not this. No, this is the "I'm not so sure about this burrito you just fed me mom" face.
Not the... wow, look at those bulls mom face.
But, his eyes... oh, those eyes just warm my heart.

The Bull Thing was pretty amazing. 
And for reasons unexpected. 
They opened the event in prayer and closed it with
in Jesus name, amen.

And during the event, when these brave or crazy bull riders were competing, 

and the  brave or crazy bull fighters (or rodeo clowns) were doing their job, the one right behind the bull dressed kind of wacky was injured by a bull. 

He was on the ground out cold and they were bringing the ambulance in and we were all worried. 
And the announcer asked everyone to raise their hands and pray for that man. 
Hands went up. Prayers were said. He walked out of the ambulance and my son, my six year old said- 
mom, we prayed for him and God healed him. 
I smiled and said a silent thank you to the announcerman whose boldness gave my son a spiritual monument. 

It was a thing of beauty to watch all of these cowboys work together. 
Control their horses, pull riders out of the pen when a bull started slamming around violently, opening the gate, distracting these giant animals to keep every one of those brave or crazy bull riders as safe as possible.

And I have to tell you

that it made me fall in love with Montana even a little bit more. 

It's my big sister's birthday today. 
I love her.
She is funny.
And sassy.
And outgoing.
And a fantastic mother. 
And lights up a room.

You would love her. 


Foursons said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!

And who knew that a trip to a bull rodeo would cement Jesus in your son's heart. I love it and what an amazing testimony.

Love the cowboy pictures of your boys- they are adorable.

Farmgirl Paints said...

love that they raised their hands and prayed. that is beyond cool. your little men looked pretty tough in the cowboy gear. you live a million miles from me. oh and we are...were the same age. i'm right there behind ya. happy birthday sweet friend.

Brigetta's Mom said...

Oh my gosh it was soooo much fun watching the Luke and Jack getting the boys ready for the Rodeo. Then being at the Rodeo and there for your birthday Wonderful Daughter of mine! Then back home for your sisters birthday... Amazing post & Pictures:-)

amyridgeway said...

Those pictures of Vance and Ty are so adorable!