Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Season

Every morning this week, the most lovely sunrises have greeted us.
The beams like gateways to the heavens, the colors magnificent.
I have better photos, more accurate photos taken with my big girl camera.
But, I'm so tired right now and could only handle uploading from one device. 
The iPhone won. 

It's our last week with this view of the lake from what has seemed like a long stay (2 years) at a vacation home.
And I will miss this view and the rumbling of the train passing under our windows. 
I will miss Little Bear saying "good morning lake" and "train coming."
It is the place that was our landing spot here in Montana.
It's clear we are headed into a new season. 

To a home where I will finally unpack and settle.
Before we moved, we'd spent ten years remodeling, painting, fixing, designing. 
And we were tired and burnt out. 
So, we did nothing to this house to make it our own. We've lived in it like a vacation home, never unpacking all the boxes.

In this new season, we are moving "into town."
The kids will walk to school. 
We will ride our bikes into town and to church and to the high school football games.
We will live on the street where all the trick or treaters go on Halloween and we will be near good friends. 
We will have a big fenced yard (we haven't had one), and a huge garden to plant, and a finished basement and the most amazing amount of storage I've ever seen. 
The older boys will have their own rooms for the first time. 

I will have my own office space. YAY!
These are some photos of the few things we've already moved.

 And the biggest laundry room ever. 
Ours has been the entry to our home for the last two year. Ughh!

The boys set up our camping table in the yard tonight and ate dinner while I unpacked a few boxes. 
They can't wait. 
I'm excited too. I like change and I like the purging of "stuff" that goes along with a move. 
But, still. 
I can't help but feel it's bittersweet. 
We'll never get that time back and a season is ending

I'll post more photos of the house soon. 


Farmgirl Paints said...

So happy for all of you. It sounds like your landing spot has worked out so wonderfully. Excited for this new season. It's gonna be good. Maybe someday I can see it too. Wouldn't that be fun??!!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

oh... you have been busy!
Your new home sounds fun.
Enjoyed your pictures...will love to see more.
Take care,
Nancy aka Mommy 2

Brigetta's Mom said...

You are so resilient daughter of mine:-)