Friday, October 7, 2011

Settling In

It's raining outside and I'm waiting for the Direct TV guy to come hook up our cable. We moved in a week ago today and I'm suddenly exhausted. It was a week of unpacking, cleaning the old place, washing and ironing (not an everyday occurrence) bedskirts and drapery panels and organizing and purging. The boys are settled in their new rooms and Little Bear walks around saying, "I like the new house. I like the new house."

Mister Luke and Jackie Boy ride their bikes to school each morning and Toots rides or walks with us. Everything is so close. A friend of mine said, "It's like living in a little village." And she's right.

I'm starting to feel settled. Not just in our new home, but in Whitefish. Somehow, living in this new home feels like we are here to stay. And we think that's a good thing.

But, I can't help but feel nostalgic. To think of how life just moves forward. Always moving forward. And I'm ever wishing for a pause button so I can take it all in. I just LOVe life so much. I've got my computer set to go through the 24,222 photos I have on it as a screensaver and there is- Toots as a baby, Luke playing t-ball, Jack as a policeman in preschool, a lunch with my sister and mom, a birthday celebrated with family at our California home, HH and I on an anniversary trip to Avalon. The slideshow is so amazing to watch- our life on miniature pause buttons. One blessing after another.

I missed my mom and sister and mom-in-law and dad during the move. I'm used to them taking over, filling in the gaps, helping with the kids, cleaning, organizing my new kitchen. But, I was grateful for the friends we've made- bringing groceries, making dinner, watching our children, moving furniture, offering a trailer. We are truly blessed with good friends.

And I feel like something has been restored. I can't pinpoint it yet. But, there is something we've been given back. It could be the space in this home or the fact that friends gather after school in the yard, or a place in the community. But, God is doing something there. I'm certain.

Thanks for reading. For caring about me. For being there. It means so much. xo


Kelly L said...

Your pictures are so beautiful - I love love the colors - Have a wonderful time in your new home.. We bought our house in 1992 and even though I love my home - I would love a change....
happy Friday
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Brigetta's Mom said...

Love and miss you...can't wait to come be with all of you again soon.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Glad you can call Whitefish your home. I Enjoy reading your blog.
Take care,
Nancy aka Mommy2
P.S. it will soon be skiing season. 8~)

Leslee said...

Whitefish looks absolutley beautiful! May you find peace in your new home :-)

Farmgirl Paints said...

just love you girlie. i understand that exhaustion so well and having no one to take over. it is hard. i'm so glad you feel settled in your town and feel like that's where you belong. praise God for that! He is so good!!! can't wait to see more pics. you are showing more pics right??

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amyridgeway said...

Love this. XOXO

Joanne Bischof said...

Very touching and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.