Thursday, November 24, 2011


Life is full of surprises. 
Good and bad.
But, it is full. 
And whatever our circumstances,
we are called to have hearts full of gratefulness.

To find joy and peace in the midst. 
To focus on what the gifts are.
I stand in abundance today.
Grateful for my mother in my kitchen filling the bellies of my sweet children.
For my husband, solid and steady, at the fire station today. 
Already a hero.

For little boys who argue and fight, but will throw leaves in the air laughing and will turn up the music loud and dance with me in the kitchen.
For family not with me who I LOVE and wish I could sit at a table with today. Next year.
For light streaming through my windows.
For opportunities I would never have dreamed of asking for. 

For abundance, not perfection.
For life, not always easy. 

For all the little ways my God shows me His love. 
The still rounded belly of my youngest.
Three generations together making stuffing at midnight. Chopping, sauteing, breathing in the moment.
An encouraging word from a friend or a stranger.
A sunrise of fresh created colors. 

Seeing it. 
Drinking it in. 

May your heart overflow with gratefulness today. 
A gift all its own.

I ordered this Family Rules sign from Tara & Andrew Lowry. They did a phenomenal job creating a sign with our personal family rules. I love it. A daily reminder to us and our children, just who we are. 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends.