Sunday, April 15, 2012

hi there...

I just wanted to say— HI.

I'm still here. And I am overwhelmed by the emails and in person encounters and relaying of messages through friends and family that you miss my blog. You miss hearing my silly, often TMI ramblings about my boys, my fears, my marriage and my journey along the path of this life. Humbling to know you care. So first, thank you. Thanks for liking to read what I write and thanks for letting me know it matters.

Next, sorry! Sorry for being absent. And I mean that sincerely to you and also in a strange way to myself. You see, I realized something the other day. Since I took the entirely unplanned and rudely unannounced and way longer than I ever imagined break from blogging, I've felt strangely absent.

Let me explain. And you bloggers will totally get this. When you blog, when you know you will journal and write and share something personal and real or funny and random on your blog, it somehow awakens you to the moment. To the details, to the depth, to realness of the happening. It makes you SEE your life through a new lens. And that lens is valuable and beautiful and it makes you be very present.

I began to question the value of my time blogging. I don't earn money with the time spent and I'm in a place where I need to help contribute financially to our family. So part of me thought it wasn't where my time was needed. That it would be better spent on my kids or working or...

But, I was wrong. I miss it. I miss you all and the relationships it's fostered online and in person.  I miss SEEING my family and my life and my boys grow through that lens. It makes me pause and "still the moment" through my camera's lens or my writer's mind. It makes me see my life more clearly.

This is my very long winded way of saying I'm going to be back here. I hope it hasn't been too long and that you'll join me again. YOU encourage me. And I've missed that too.



Farmgirl Paints said...

YAaaaaaaY!! I'm so glad girlie. I just love you. You know that. I've really missed you. So glad you've made the decision to come back:)

Lindsay Peters said...

Hurray! I was beginning to worry that something happened. Glad to know everything is alright and that we'll be hearing more from you soon. :)

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I Second the Yaaay & Hurray !!!
I am glad that you are back. 8~)
I am now going solo on the 2Moms thus the "new" name.
Take care,

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Welcome back, Brigetta! You've been missed!