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Friday, May 25, 2012

Not Built For Glory

People were not built for glory.
I'm certain of it. 
This is why we see elevated pastors of churches and powerful politicians brought low by scandal, 
and celebrities with fame and money still struggling with substance abuse and relationship problems. This is why, especially the young who gain glory early in life, often end up in despair. 
Humans were simply not built for glory.

That is not to say that moments of glory are not meant for us. 
 I love the moments of the glorious walk off grand slam, the hero who saves a life, 
the underdog who finishes first. 
Those are the stuff of life. 
But, if in those moments, people buy in to the glory, take it all in, begin to think they are in fact- glorious- that is when the moment turns sour and ugly. 

We have a friend who races on bikes, skis, (you name it) and he wins consistently. But, all his competitors say, "If you have to lose to someone, you want it to be him because he wins so graciously."
I am fairly certain they see this in him because he does not give the glory to himself.

Publishing my novel has been a lovely and glorious experience this month. 
I've had friends and family from every corner of the history of my life, buy it, read it and write notes of encouragement to me. 
They are using words like "brilliant, wonderful, amazing, incredible."
Those are glory words. 
And each time I receive them with an overwhelming gratefulness. 
I mean, seriously, sometimes I cry and my heart feels like it might burst with joy. 
Receiving those kinds of compliments about my writing is huge to me.

But, I'm careful because even in this tiny newborn moment of "success" so far, I know I'm not built for glory. That this life, in fact, is not about me or my accomplishments.
 It's about serving and loving others.
To stay there, in that mind frame, in that perspective, it doesn't take "me time", it takes "knee time."

We are just works in progress and it is in the valleys and on the mountaintops where our character is honed and refined. 
Often, it is harder on the mountaintops to find a place to drop to your knees.
In the valleys, any old place will do. 

And this is what I try to teach my boys (who LOVE glory)-
that growth beats glory every time.