Sunday, April 5, 2009


Three days to go and I am officially nesting! It is strange this time because it includes things like making sure all three boys have hair cuts, their nails and toenails trimmed and that they have shoes that will last for the next three months.  

My friend Jen loaned me her very cute bassinet. The boys helped me take it apart, wash it and put it back together. It looks like they are giving it some kind of tune up. There was a lot of discussion about what snaps where and a lot of laying under it. But, it is together and ready.

Pink or Blue? We shall soon see.  Both of these "coming home outfits" are so sweet I can barely stand it. I'm going to wait to wash them so I can return the other one. I'm in the hospital for three days so someone in the family can wash it before it is time to bring the baby home.

Because we don't know what we are having, here is one of two small drawers of layette. I just love opening them and looking at the baby things inside. Everything is washed and ready to go.

I bought myself a diaper bag. At first, I was very confused about this choice after 3 years out of the baby loop and asked my Facebook friends for advice. Petunia Picklebottom won hands down. But then, I started paying attention when I was out and noticed that everyone seemed to have a Petunia Picklebottom. They are very cute, but I wanted something different. I found this one online. It is the Giraffe Print by Oi Oi. I didn't see it until it arrived in the mail, but I love it. 

The funny thing is that I saw an old high school friend yesterday and she had one by the same company. I said, "Oh, is that bag by Oi Oi ( wee wee)?" thinking I was very cool, and she said, "yes, it is by ooo-eee, ooo-eee and I really like it." She was all straight faced because we hadn't see each other in like 20 years and I never really knew her that well to begin with. But, I am enough of a dork to think it was hilarious that I called the my new diaper bag "wee, wee."

This is the "almost finished" product of the chocolates the kids will take to school. I bought the stickers below for them to put on at the hospital.

Finally, this is the picture I keep looking at because although I feel kicking and I have done this three times before and I know there is actually a baby inside of me, this is visual proof. The ultrasound was done in early February and I still can't get over this picture. I love the position of the fingers, the lips and that the baby already has a tattoo.
Luke said to me tonight as I was putting him to bed, "Mom, wouldn't it be weird if we thought there was a baby in there the whole time, but when it came out it was just a big ball of ear wax?"  This picture gives me the peace that this is no ball of ear wax!


Erin said...

A ball of earwax??? That is hilarious! I remember asking my girls if we were having a boy or a girl and one of them said "chicken". I nearly died laughing!

My Sweet Side said...

A big ball of ear wax, Only a child says things that innocent ! How funny