Friday, June 26, 2009

A Kitchen Tour!

Hottie Husband ( I'll refer to him as that in this post only just because he deserves it when I get to show off his wonderful talents) so.... Hottie Husband and I basically rebuilt our home over a 9 year period. This was, of course, over many pregnant and very small children years. Our boys have grown up to the sounds of nail guns and saws. We spent many years with plywood floors and three years without a kitchen. Those were the first three years of Jackie Boys life. But, here are some of the results.  

This is my little office space that is located in our great room, adjacent to the kitchen. I love it because the bottom drawers hold my files. It also keeps the computer in an area where I can see exactly what the kids are doing. It is where I sit at this moment.

My mother sewed the curtains above the windows. I wanted something simple.
I love my farmhouse sink.

The cabinetry was all made by Hottie Husband. He wanted the pieces to look like furniture. I love all of his detail work. 
I then painted the cabinets with a flat white and covered it with a glaze to give it that distressed look.
The copper sink is my cooking sink. It works great for chopping or filling pots.

We painted the island and the pantry black. We wanted the pantry to look like its own piece. 
The butcher block top on the island is wonderful. It cleans easily and adds warmth to the room.
Notice the beams on the ceiling. Those are beams from a barn in Vermont.

I love this room. It is a great cooking space and also a wonderful gathering place.
I am a chandelier person. There are many throughout my home.

I really like different dishes and would love to have a different set for every season. I have also dreamed about having different sets of linens and sheets for each season. I have never done it though. I think this is translating to my blog. I looked at it yesterday and thought it was much too dark for the summer season. 

Thus, the new header. I made it on Scrapblog. Some of the backgrounds and stickers are still free. The great thing is that a page is the perfect size for a header. Once you make it, you can download it to your computer in jpeg and then upload it to your blog.


Liz said...

What a beautiful kitchen! Completely worth the let's just hope you never have to move! Ha Ha...we've moved 14 times in almost 10 years. Looks like you love it and the hubby did an awesome job!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Buddy and Krista said...

So glad to have HH back in action. Seeing this made me feel like I'm home...and it also reminded that I saw something at a store today that I thought "I have to go back and get that for Brigetta's bday b/c it'll be perfect for her KITCHEN." They didn't have a lot of them though so we'll have to hope that there's one still there waiting just for you and your cute kitchen. Can't wait to be standing in your kitchen soon :) and btw, I had no idea that you love plates so much--I had SO many beautiful sets before we moved and you know I would have given you whatever you wanted...bummer! love you friend

Farmgirl Paints said...

Your kitchen is just beautiful!! I love the island...what I wouldn't give;) I really just love it all. I can't believe he built those I'd hold onto that one.

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen! Looks fabulous and yet very down to earth. You and your hubby are so talented. Alas me and mine are not, LOL so no one can see MY kitchen, ha ha

i will check out scrapblog. I have wanted a new header for a while but not much time online so we'll see. :-)