Thursday, June 4, 2009

Michele's Story

Four years ago, Michele was nursing her baby girl when that baby girl with her baby strength hit her mother in the breast. Michele felt a pain that went all the way to her back. She immediately knew that something was not right.

She made an appointment to have a mammogram. That day they told her that her mammogram was clear. She, not satisfied, and knowing in her gut that it was not clear, asked them what else they could do to check. They told her that they could do an ultrasound, but that insurance would not cover it. She wrote them a check and they found a small spot near where her baby girl had struck her. She said that it was,"the fist of God."

They treated her aggressively, with a double mastectomy and chemo and radiation- anything that would eradicate that cancer and give her life. 

Then her hair began to grow back and her little baby became a little girl who entered preschool. That little girl is in Ty's preschool class. 

The beginning of this school year, the cancer came back. She fought it with everything she had. She wanted so badly to have another child and to be there for her little girl. 

She died yesterday morning. 

When I took Ty to preschool, Michele's husband was there with his little girl and told us through tears where the service would be. All the mother's dropping off their little children were in tears. But, we had to stop because there was a four year old little girl right there who had just lost her mother and she was playing and laughing, not really understanding what she had just lost. 

And next week, she will attend her mother's funeral and see her friend's mothers there watching and she won't have her own. 

It is so sad.

So I will do the only thing I know how to do. 

I will pray.

I will pray courage and strength and healing and wholeness over her life. I will pray for the provision of what she needs emotionally and physically to be healthy and happy. 

I will pray what I would want for my child.


Gina said...

oh my gosh Brigetta.... I am so sad....I can't stop crying. I don't know if I'm crying for the little girl who won't have her mama at all those special times in her life, when only your mommy knows what to say or how she knows a hug is the best thing for you or to give you encouragement because her words are the only thing that can make you feel better... or for the mom who got robbed of so may precious amazing special times that she will never get to share with her baby girl!!!!!! Ugh This is by far my biggest fear... leaving my children and them growing up without me! I am just so sad for them.... :'(

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so sad to hear! It makes you stop and think that life can be short and to cherish each moment with all. Take care and enjoy your children. Thanks for sharing this post today with us. God Bless

jennifer Dennis said...

Oh my gosh
How sad! I am in tears.
a mother biggest fear

Sandy said...

I too am in tears, and can't think of anything to say different than what has already been said. I will pray with you!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...


I remember a time when both my children were very small, and an older mom in our church died suddenly in the night. Five of us mommies had gathered to walk with kids in stollers that am, and were all together when we heard. We were a crying, praying mess. I had forgotten all about that time... and we had been so upset for the woman's highschool aged girls. It was just heartbreaking.

What a reminder to enjoy each moment we are given. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is sad and scary as I know someone in treatment now for breast cancer. Motherless children have a hard life, so I think I would pray for her dad to have strength to be both parents and for many "mothers" to be a part of her life.

takemetomaui said...

Oh that is so heartbreaking. I can relate on a different perspective. My husband's first wife died almost 3 years ago of pancreatic cancer at age 39...the same age I am now. His youngest daughter was 5 and in kindergarten, and his other children were 9, 13, and 15.

We have been married for almost a year now, and when it gets tough being "step mom", I think about their real mom. I never knew her, but I think about how she would want me to love her children in her absence. I imagine what I would want if it were me. That gets me in tears every time (just like now!)

God brings redemption! This is not the end of their story.