Friday, August 7, 2009

All is Well With My Soul

Thank you for encouraging me yesterday. I struggle with sharing things like that because I really am thankful for my life, but everything is not always a bowl of babies (oops, I mean cherries) over here.


Our life is abundant and blessed so to complain seems so indulgent to me.

But regardless of circumstances, all is well with my soul.


Kelly's Ideas said...

Very cute cherries I mean baby in the bowl.... Many happy blessings to you and yours.


Get Real Girl said...

Love, love, love this picture!

3 Blessings said...

That pic is SO cute! Glad all is well.

Lisa Anne said...

Hey everyone has to vent sometimes. I get annoyed like that on a daily. lol

The picture is so cute, I hope things pick up for you!

Visiting from sits. btw

New England Girl said...

ADORABLE photo!! awww... This could be an advertisement or a baby calander or something. :)

Also, on tomorrow's post [since I won't be around - thank goodness for scheduled posting] - I'm leaving you a little award! :)

Happy weekend!

Foursons said...

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest picture ever! Makes me want another baby just so I can take a picture like that. On second thought- maybe not.

Farmgirl Paints said...

You weren't complaining, you were sharing and that's what makes blogging wonderful. The support and encouragment we can offer each other. Love that song too by the way:)

Love the precious photo!!

Anonymous said...

good to know! mine is fine too!

Baby in a bowl! Thats adorable!

Marketing Mama said...

Oooh, I wish I had a bowl full of babies. What a cutie-pie. :)